Thrown out of their camps, 34 Jaypee workers taken ill, still 144 not lifted

KINNAUR – As many as 34 striking workers of the Karcham-Wangtoo and Baspa-II projects were taken ill after being ousted from their camps on March 18. The workers’ union today said the district administration and JP company would be held responsible in case of any eventuality. The sick workers should be allowed inside the camp and section 144 be lifted, they demanded. Section 144 is illegal and unjustified as about 1300 workers had been protesting peacefully for last two months. There has been no incident of violence or anything that would have required imposition of Section 144 CrPc.

Japyee seems to be enjoying Govt.’s patronage even after it flaunts and mocks at rights provided to workers under labor laws.

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