kinnaur tribal protest

Protesting Kinnaur farmers & workers betrayed by own Govt., left homeless in freezing cold

HP Govt. misuses Section 144 CrPC to ban entry of 700 workers to their accommodations since March 18, workers are forced to take refuge in jungles in sub-zero temperature with high velocity winds bellowing, without even a bed sheet to cover their body in cold. The workers have no access to their belongings clothes, toilet articles food etc. No political party or organization appears to support them except CPI-M, who alleges CMO acting at the behest of JP Company to crush the issues of farmers and workers.

KINNAUR- The workers and farmers in Kinnaur are jolted by HP Govt.’s bluntness towards their protest for their wages and labor rights. Now, the state Govt. has promulgated “undeclared emergency” in the tribal area of Kinnaur, to scuttle the democratic aspiration of the farmers and workers to liberate themselves from the ruthless and inhuman exploitation of Jaypee Company.

On the top of that, HP Govt. has chosen to support Jaypee instead of attending to the unrest of its suffering tribal people. When, these tribal laborers needed guidance and leadership, no political party or leaders appeared to support these laborers except CPI-M. As a aggressive response for that, perhaps, HP Police broke into into CPI-M’s Shimla office, ransacked it, arrests workers, and trahsed them in police custody. Even a 62-year-old party member was trashed by young policemen.

Most of the mainstream newspapers and media have also displayed its loyalty to the Govt. and Jaypee, and publishing only passive and partial information regarding the protest. The unrest is far more intense than it appears in newspapers. However, the biggest shock for a democracy comes from he public. The public is alright with it. They neither have any idea of pain and suffering of tribal people in Kinnaur, nor they care.

It is shocking, under the constitution of India, the role, duty and responsibility of the civil and police administration is categorically defined but inspite of that the civil and police administration is working overtime to please “his master’s”of the state- Jaypee Company. It is shameful never before; in independent India has any state or Central Govt. mortgaged the interests of the state and that of the people to a private company.

Kinnaur protest against Jaypee Hydropower 2

The chronological study of events in Kinnaur reveals the organs of the state whether civil or police are not functioning to serve and be responsible to the common tribal people but to serve the vested interest of Jaypee Company at the cost of the poor tribal people. All this is being done on the political direction of the state Govt.
Even in pre-independent India, during the British rule the rulers did not take such harsh steps, which deprived the people of their basic human right to life and liberty.

The District administration of Kinnaur has failed to explain as to why it has clamped the order of section 144 Cr.P.C on the allotted legal accommodation of 700 workers engaged in generating electricity in the two hydel projects of 300 MW Baspa-II and 1000 MW Karcham Hydel project since 18th March, 2015 and which continues till today i.e. March 25, 2015, and the workers are forced to take refuge in jungles in sub-zero temperature with high velocity winds bellowing, without even a bed sheet to cover their body in cold. The workers have no access to their belongings clothes, toilet articles food etc which are locked in their rooms and the police with the help of the Jaypee security staff are preventing their entry.

144 at jaypee hydropower project

Inspite of having put all those issues on record the administration refuses to budge and make an application of mind because they have mortgaged their soul and mind to the company. The Courts have repeatedly held their cannot be a blanket order of section 144 Cr.P.C they have stated “the provisions of section 144Cr.P.C provide for a complete mechanism to be followed by the magistrate concerned and also specify the limitation of time till when such an order may remain in force. It also prescribes the circumstances that are required to be taken into consideration by the said authority while passing an order under section 144 Cr.P.C.”

The fact remains that this unlawful, illegal unjustified, illogical inhuman order has been made to break the fighting spirit of the workers to stand up against the in human exploitation of the Jaypee Company.

Because of the unscientific construction of the hydel projects in Kinnaur, Jaypee Company has done un repairable damage and loss to the ecology of Kinnaur. The whole area above the HRT (Head Race Tunnel) along the National Highway-22 is sliding at a very fast pace destroying the horticulture, agriculture land and the other immovable property of houses etc of the farmers. Neither is the local administration nor the Jaypee company concerned about this damage that is accruing but the only concern is how to carryout repression on the workers.


The Party has noted the sliding of Urni village and the horticulture land of the farmers of Urni village is due to the illegal flushing tunnel that the company constructed. This was done only after the quality control wing of the HPSEB was disbanded in the year 2004.

The Distt. Magistrate must make utmost restraint to prevent himself from becoming a party to the pending Industrial dispute between the Jaypee workers and the management which is pending adjudication in the Industrial tribunal cum labour court.

The Distt. Magistrate has no authority what so- ever to recruit workers. This right rests only with the Court which is adjudicating the pending industrial dispute.

Kinnaur Jaypee protest

It is on record, the Distt. Magistrate has given permission to the company to make illegal recruitment and it is on record the police is forcing workers being brought by them from neighboring states to be recruited in the company who are being kept under semi bonded and captive condition. All their documents have been taken by the management of the company. In this respect a report has been made to the respective court by three workers today.

CPI-M has demanded a Judicial enquiry, with which agree,into the facts of repression on the people of Kinnaur failing which the party will intensify its campaign and struggle against the authoritarian steps being taken by the state govt to help Jaypee Company to maximize profits at the pains and exploitation of the people of Kinnaur.

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