Under-construction Shimla cartroad retaining wall sinks , exposes HP Govt.’s ‘Jugaad’ attitude

SHIMLA- An under-construction roadside retaining wall sunk last night at cart road in Shimla. Surprisingly, a major part of the road had collapsed in December 2014, and the work for building new retaining wall was in progress. However, before the circular road could even recover from earlier collapse, last night, it again started sinking. The newly built part of the retaining wall almost detached from the road. The buses towards Panthaghati were forced to take the long route via Tutikandi bypass road. Small vehicles were routed through restricted High Court road. Again, the public is paying extra money and suffering a loss of time. It exposes HP Govt.’s ‘Jugaad formula even when the situation demands attention. The area has become a sinking zone due to heavy water leakage in Shimla MC water supply. Still, the Govt. didn’t assess the condition for reconstruction and started building new retaining wall. That is a waste of public tax money and time.

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