Where do we lack? Humanity, I guess

SHIMLA- Today around 4 PM. At upper Kaithu near Tarahall a worker (painter) fell from the roof of the house. His head hit the steps first and he started bleeding profusely. People living in that building came out to see him. But sadly only one girl actually came ahead to help him. Whole neighborhood and all other people on the road were just looking at the person who met with accident. Only two people helped that labourer. The girl called (108) ambulance thrice but no one picked up the call and when they did they were busy enquiring name and age and other details of the patient. Then the girl brought keys of her car and asked people, who had gathered around the laborer, whether they can drop the injured man to hospital. But no one came ahead. Two people helping that labourer did their best to stop bleeding from his head using a towel. People were looking at them but they didn’t try to help the person who was fighting from death. Then one noble man agreed to carry that labourer in his car. But at IGMC, as we know, it is a difficult task to get proper treatment. Moreover, emergency ward is again a ward of uncertainties. You can’t tell whether you’ll see any doctor there or not when needed.

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We talk about progress, we talk about technology, we talk about education, but I think here we lacked humanity.

People watching a teenage girl and a man helping that labourer and response of our 108 ambulance staff proved that we’re lacking empathy and humanity.

Note:Earlier this year,HW had raised the issue regarding dangerous work environment to which labourers are exposed to. Watch labourers working on the top of Shimla building without any safety measures:

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