Why India is the worst nation in terms of flaunting labour laws

Why India is the worst nation in terms of flouting labour laws

A labourer painting the roof of a multi story Govt. building in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh without any safety provision like belts, harnesses, nets, fall arresters, life lines, safety hooks, or any similar equipment of a type that will effectively protect persons against fall and will effectively prevent slipping. It’s a routine scene in India. Most of the labourers are over-exploited by their contractors and labour laws are flouted openly, everyday.

However, Indian constitution provides guidelines for the safety of the labourers working under any contractor under The Factories Act, 1948

Section 32 C of the Act says:

When any person has to work at a height from where he is likely to fall, provision shall be made, so far as is reasonably practicable, by fencing or otherwise, to ensure the safety of the person so working.

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