Wounded cow in Anni – No tagging/tattooing record in panchayat or department

KULLU- The locals at Jabban panchayat in Anni, Kullu had found a wounded cow by the roadside. It was hit by some vehicle. It’s been two weeks that these people along with ‘Sachet’ are doing their best to provide shelter and treatment along with searching for the owner who had deserted the cow after she became unproductive. When people tried to search for the owner, they found that Panchayats and the Animal Husbandry Department of Himachal Pradesh either don’t have records or records were missing about the tagging or tattooing and registration of this cow.

When the department was asked about registration record, it said the department haven’t forwarded it to panchayat. On the other hand, the department claimed to have provided all the records to panchayat. As a result of this negligence of duties, the owner responsible for such cruelty against this animal could not be found.

Himachal Pradesh Govt. and panchayats are not at all serious regarding the issue. No serious steps were ever taken to put check on this insensitive practice of deserting unproductive cows and animals. A large number of such animals is subjected to insensitivity and cruelty after owners are done with them. Now, because of Govt.’s corruption, such animals are being denied justice.

Images/News: Jitender Gupta Sonu

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