Since 10 years in tatters: MC Shimla says it has no funds

The pictures shows the pathetic condition of the road connecting DevNagar to main Shimla by-pass road. It’s hard to believe that hundreds of people daily have to walk to their work via this road. It’s in such a bad shape that each time you reach home safe, it feels like a mission is accomplished. It’s that risky to fall. During rain, the water-flow on this path (as there’s no drainage available) is so heavy that a person is bound to wet his feet and legs.

The plants that you can see along the road creates skin allergies and these during monsoon these grows to an extent that they are bound to touch the passerby’s faces. Plus the path is so narrow that only one person can walk through it at a time. The road is clearly below living standards. Few people have extended their boundaries into the government land and are not allowing the road to be widened. We need a solution for this issue.

You can also see the garbage that is thrown in the open, hence causing pollution. No facility is yet available in the area to collect garbage from door to door.

MC Shimla Says
The XEN(R&B), MC Shimla has intimated vide Dy. No. MCS/XEN/267/e-gov/2012-1000 dated 26-04-2012 that the estimate has been sanctioned and is under process. The work would be taken up in hand as per availability of budget. Hence the application may please be considered disposed off with regard to this department.

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