MC’s attitude and excuses for the pathetic conditions of roads in Shimla

Continuing its quest to raise the unheard voice of people suffering from the bad conditions of the roads in Shimla, Himachal Watcher again questioned the Shimla MC for not attending to the grievances saying:

Last time we brought to your notice the pathetic condition of roads in Summerhill ward. Himachal Watcher was expecting some action, but as usual, the work is again in progress somewhere in your papers.

This time too we are providing you visual proof of the situation. The road from boileauganj to Sangti through lower Summerhill, too requires immediate attention, if you could see them from the view of common people. Your status on the complaint says in progress, but we don’t see any actual progress. There is no use of making complaints if it takes years to complete the paperwork. MC is treating the complainers like illiterates, which are easy to ignore. Please, putting in progress tag doesn’t means the work is done. It’s been more than a month and there is no action taken.

Although, we are acquainted with your list of reasons, you give us to dispose the complaints and one of them is the lack of budget and allotment funds to MC. But, sadly, we are fed up of this excuse too. You have excuses to delay action as much as you can and on the other hand, there are people working in private firms who know the value of meeting the targets and performing their duty. They achieve them at any cost by giving their best to save their jobs. You are perhaps feeling too secure that the fear of not able to meet the targets doesn’t bother you at all. On behalf of the public, we again remind you of the serious matters you are intentionally not attending to.

As far as the finances and budgets are concerned, people like us pay various taxes every year. Those taxes are not donations and the money collected from the taxes should be spent on the public welfare as the law suggests. Moreover, roads have not been metaled for years and this means you did not receive any funds all these years. Himachal Watcher will get the details of all the funds allotted to MC too and then we’ll see whether you are just lying or your statement is true.

When a complain regarding the roads are being brought to your notice from one area, why are you not checking the conditions in nearby areas like Chakkar, Tout etc. MC is not even resolving the complaints we have made and therefore, it’ll be a waste to expect regular maintenance of the infrastructures and every other job MC Shimla has been assigned.

Now are waiting for the reply and as per the culture of government departments, we’ll be soon receiving an excuse for not attending to the matter, which will be published in Himachal Watcher as well. However, Himachal Watcher is going to investigate every statement given by MC Shimla and confirm that to reveal the truth behind such a irresponsible behavior.

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