BCS Bus Stop cries for attention

It’s almost a year, but Landslide debris at BCS Bus Stop have still not been removed.

These photographs are taken at BCS bus stop near which a great heap of concrete debris lies due landslide during last rainy season. It’s almost a year and those who are responsible, didn’t care to remove them. The waste lying there for months are creating problems for the pedestrians and have blocked the roadside water drainage system. Due to this blockage, water floods into the road posing inconvenience to people and risk two wheelers as it makes the surface slippery.

What does a common citizen thinks about it and with what perspective he/she interpret it? Rather, how many of us would care to observe that the taxes imposed on us are meant to generate revenue, which is ought to spent on public and salaries of those who has been assigned to serve the public. Isn’t that a waste? Where does that money go and where the responsible departments are busy other than their assigned duty? Are they busy in some sort of social service so they were not able to remove the waste from the spot for a whole year or the department did not have funds to pay the laborers? Last but not the least; biggest question is why people who watch all this everyday don’t even make a little attempt to complaint?

These are just few questions, which HW believes, should come to the minds of the people capable enough to access internet and buy a PC. It’ll be great if the educated and resourceful citizens could contribute in our quest to make difference and aware people about their strength, their ability to erase corruption, and make our state a better place. Your Facebook like and share can help HW to spread awareness among others. So, if you think you are not another person who’ll mock at these lines and believes that your one click won’t make a difference, then do spare few seconds out of your total time you spend on Internet.


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  1. Manohar Thakur

    Government is sleeping..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr;.
    As the chief is busy in selling Himachal!

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