Work begins at BCS Bus Stop

A half hearted work in progress for removing the waste concrete debris near BCS Bus Stand

After, HW wrote to authorities about the heap of debris lying near BCS Bus Stop Last Week, the work has started to remove it and some of the waste have already been removed. However, we wonder, why they didn’t remove all of it on the same day when a JCB was employed for the task. Anyway. thanks for the support of all the readers and FB users who supported the motive by their comments and likes. But, still, we are waiting for the completion of the job and will keep updating you as well as the authorities.

BCS Bus Stop cries for attention

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  1. ashish

    it is the way of govt. to implement their funds …………….!!!
    by imparting traffic , and littering garbage………………to make it “queens of h_e_ll ” fm” queen of  hill”

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