Garbage surrounds the Historic Sankat Mochan Temple

As a result of careless attitude of Temple authorities and ignorance of MC, Shimla to the complaints, Sankat Mochan Temple is surrounded by garbage and food waste.

It’s not snow, which it appears to be on the first glance on these images, rather it’s the garbage disposed in an uncivilized manner on the part of citizens, Temple authorities, and MC Shimla who shouldn’t have ignored the complaints made by residents. These pictures were submitted on Himachal Watcher with a complaint from one of the residents living near Sankat Mochan Temple, Shimla.

Read the original mail sent to HW by the local resident:

Dear Himachal watcher,
Find the images as attachments and the formal write up.

Cleanliness is next to god, but at Sankatmochan temple this adage seems to be a little altered, “Garbage is next to God”. Thanks to the ignorant attitude of the temple authorities. The garbage consists of disposable plates and cups and residual food which is generated during the marriage functions, bhandaraas and other such religious gatherings followed by catering of food. The slope of the hill is snow-white because of the litter which sprawls some fifty feet down the slope facing Shimla hills. In the above mentioned context a complaint was submitted to the municipality corporation via the “e-samadhan”( application number: MCSML/201275 registered on 7/5/12 as per the sms recieved) which now seems to be a mere eye wash. The counselor and the mayor’s office seem to be too busy in gathering the votes in the coming elections subsiding the duties that they have been entrusted with. The voters must only support the candidates who, “WALK THEIR TALK”. I would also like to make an appeal to the general public to press the temple authorities to clean the surrounding and respect the forest in the future.

The complainer has clearly mentioned the complaint number of the complaint submitted on E-Samdhan along with date, before it was sent to HW. MC, Shimla seems to have dumped it after registering, which is a popular tradition among all Indian government departments. Government departments are very quick to take action and solve the grievances of people in papers and MC Shimla might have done that already.

On the other hand, if we talk about our citizens, they are religious than any civilization in the world, but they haven’t yet learned to avoid insanitation even at places they consider holy, like the Historic Temple mentioned here.

It’s a humble request to both, all the citizens and MC Shimla, that for the better future of our State and Country, please show responsibility for your acts and duties and would like to thank the person who sent us the images and complaint. There are people who consider it their duty to rectify the faults of others, but feel helpless because they don’t receive any support from the authorities. HW aims to provide a platform for all such concerned volunteers and expects similar response from all other reading this article.

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