Broken and Leaking Sewage Pipes of SDA Complex Building

SDA Complex Buildings suffer from badly maintained sewage system and broken pipes cause problems to people using the path leading to Kasumpti Bazaar.

Himachal Watcher, following the complaint of a local resident in Kasumpati, who approached us through our E-mail address, clicked these pictures two days ago. Building is a part of SDA Complex Kasumpti and houses four government offices namely,Income Tax Department Block No.23 SDA Complex and Himachal Pradesh Co-operative Wool Procurement

Check Video:

According to complainer, the sewage pipes of the building are in critical conditions and there is continuous leakage, which not only causes problems to the people using the path through the building, but also spoils the environment with bad odor. Further, insanitation caused by leakage poses health risks as these pipes are in the same condition from the past few years.

It’ll be useless to explain the condition of buildings sewage system in words and therefore, HW caught the problem on camera depicting the story of sewage pipes literally broken at some portions and about to fall down. The officers in the building and others who are responsible for the maintenance of building ignored the issue, but HW would like to bring to the notice of authorities the typical problem faced by other many office buildings in SDA complex and asks for appropriate action to provide relief to the sufferers who uses the path every day.

Update On Complaint: Work In Progress

Update On Complaint:Solved

Photographs Coming Soon

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