Government cars employed in party campaigns on Sunday

Here is one more ugly face of Indian Election Campaigns – Using power to use government resources for personal interests

Elections in India have become a sort of business and parties spend huge amounts on their advertisement in a very commercial manner using business techniques like installing big hoarding, advertisements in newspapers worth millions, organizing parties offering free drinks, and everything they can do with money. However, these parties don’t trust themselves that their work for the public can win seats for them as the focus on public service is far less than advertisement. Even if we accept that as a necessary part of acquainting common citizens with the party candidates for a particular ward, how these parties will justify the use of government resources in their election campaigns.

Have a look at these images and the video sent to Himachal Watcher by a reader, which shows government vehicle being used for private campaign of a party and that too on Sunday. How can you choose a representative who is misusing the government resources for his personal interests before getting into power?

This car, HP 07 A 0027, is employed in the party campaign on Sunday, 20th of May, in Summerhill. What’s the justification behind using government vehicle for party campaign? Himachal Watcher is looking for the reply that’ll justify this act. As far as, we are acquainted with our party people, they’ll deny or maybe put some other bureaucratic reason for it and no one will question them again.

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But, I hope our readers would think about it and help Himachal Watcher in waking ignorant citizens up who doesn’t bother about such acts as they have become used them. It’s been this like years, people with power do what they consider favorable for themselves and their political groups, and we don’t even notice that servants of public are actually using them to get into the power and will forget about every promise they make during election time.

Himachal Watcher hopes that authorities will consider such acts as serious offence against the rules and regulations set by Election Commission and will take some action to stop the misuse of government resources in personal political campaigns.

Himachal Watcher would like to thank the reader who sent us the images and video and brought the matter into our attention.

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  1. Ranjana Sharma

    abhi se ye haal hai toh Jab power mai aayenge tab pata ni kaya karange………….Rally shameless…

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