Who is actually humiliating even the God Krishna?

Damaged leaking sewage pipes have made a hell of the area near Boialuaganj, Shimla and even made the Temple of God Krishna a victim of intentionally unseen problem.

MC elections are over and public seems to be fed up of usual candidates from popular parties by electing CPM candidates, Mr. Sanjay Chauhan and Dr. Tikkendar Panwar for the responsible positions of Mayor & Deputy Mayor of Shimla City respectively. The hopes for change are high as it’s the first time CPM has been given a chance to serve the public.

To whatever party an elected candidate belongs, Himachal Watcher expects representative to perform assigned duties for the betterment of our State and City.

With a new hope, Himachal Watcher will continue to gain the support of public, our readers and contributors to bring the ground level issues, which affects the common man in variety of ways ranging from the maintenance of rain shelters to roads, to the concerned government departments.

Today, Himachal Watcher visited the area around on a complaint regarding the damaged sewage pipes received from a local resident who runs his own shop in the market. HW found that not only the road near “Gopal Mandir” is full of sewage waste, stinking, and flowing in the middle of the road, but even the main market is suffering from the same problem. The sewage in the main market is flooding from the damaged sewage pipes into the roads making it hard to walk and even stand in the market for a while.

Himachal Watcher caught the condition on the camera and collected visual proof in the form of photographs and videos telling the condition of the place suffering from improper maintenance of sewage pipes and roadside rainwater drainage system.

Check Video:

We are sending all the visual proofs to MC Shimla by submitting it on “E-Samdhan”. After watching them, MC Shimla might realize that covering the broken sewage pipes with stones on the name of maintenance is ridiculous on their part. It’s not only a recently faced problem; Himachal Watcher has submitted a complaint regarding the same earlier (Old Complaint) on, to MC. However, our complaint on the behalf of public suffering from insanitation and hell like environment due to stinking roads, seems to have been ignored without worrying about it least and let people adapt to same attitude of MC Shimla. The shopkeeper told us that the problem of sewage flooding into roads from broken and leaking sewage pipes doesn’t get any better because, due to the temporary solutions the leakage problem remains as it.

On the part of public, Himachal Watcher wants to bring to the attention of MC Shimla, the proper maintenance of these sewage pipes is required, not only at the place we mentioned, but many other places all over the Shimla City. It looks very hypocritical on the part of those who come to worship God Krishna at Gopal Mandir and don’t bother to keep the holy place neat and clean. Therefore, it’s our request to MC Shimla to take proper action as soon as possible to provide relief to the local residents, students in the nearby schools, shopkeepers and every pedestrian forced to walk on sewage laden roads.

This is not the first complaint Check this old link.
Reply From MC Shimla on Old Complaint: NODAL OFFICER E-SAMADHAN, C. A., MUNICIPAL CORPORATION SHIMLA, (MCSML) Apr 26 2012 4:22PM In Progress


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