Cruelty against trees knows no bounds in Shimla City

Himachal Watcher has already submitted complaints regarding the brutally against the trees on the part of Electricity board and many unauthorized hoarding hanged from the trees using iron nails embedded into the trunk or the metal wires tied around, which are leading the trees to slow death.

Once again, HW has captured more locations where instead of using electricity poles, the electricity board has used the trees as a base support for streetlights and stay wires. What’s more disappointing is that many such cases can be seen near the residences of well educated officers and even near the offices of electricity board. Trees are precious to human existence and loss of a single tree means increase in green house gasses. It’ll ultimately lead to hell like condition under the increasing threat of global warming.

HW has uploaded all the images along with their location mentioned on the Photographs and submitted a complaint regarding the same to the concerned authorities.

On the behalf of all citizens, HW hopes for a quick action on the part of DFO and Electricity board. Further, we request to all are readers and citizens to write to us if you come across such cruel acts against trees anywhere in the City or the State.

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