‘Shirk work and neglect the duties’ is the slogan at Sankat Mochan Temple

These images were taken by HW at Sankat Mochan Temple and depict the irresponsible behavior of electricity board and Temple authorities towards the trees and garbage disposal.

On 5th of June 2012, Himachal Watcher (HW) visited Sankat Mochan Temple to get the update about the complaint we had made to MC Shimla on May 22, 2012 and the Temple authorities. It wasn’t a surprise to see that the garbage has just been scattered to make it difficult to notice. Otherwise, the whole waste still remains and surrounds the temple.

Himachal Watcher (HW) talked to one of the employee working at the Sankat Mochan Temple about the arrangements available to manage the waste. Surprisingly, he referred the trust looking after the temple as hypocritical and suggested that the temple has just become an easy medium of making money for them. He further added that the surroundings of the temple are in pathetic conditions and no one bothers even to take responsibility for it.When Himachal Watcher (HW) approached the office maintained at the temple for official enquiries and maintenance, the official denied the fact that there is any garbage near temple and if it is, it is because of the Monkey Gangs. Even otherwise, the attitude of the officer was lame and carefree as no one dares to question God.

The issue of negligence is not limited to garbage disposal only. Almost 90% of the trees inside and near the Temple are working as support for stay wires, streetlamps, and metal boxes belonging to cable operators and so on. HW captured the condition on the camera and posting all the images taken near Sankat Mochan. If you go through the images, you’ll wonder that the people worshiping the Idols of God did not have any mercy towards living and life giving trees.

Saving trees and managing the proper disposal of garbage should be the concern of all. Natural beauty is the greatest gift Himachal have and we all need to maintain it. Otherwise, the Queen of Hills will be doomed and we’ll be crying on spilt milk. Therefore, it’s our hearties request to all the citizens and authorities to help saving trees and maintain the beauty of our State.

Update on Complaint:Work In Progress

Dear CHO (Corporation Health Officer). immediately summon the sankat mochan temple management and explain them the situation without any coercion. also plan for a spot visit within a week.
Hon’ble Dy. Mayor, Shri Tikender Panwar
Jun 13 2012 7:28PM

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