Daulat Singh Park devoid of maintenance, Becoming an ugly place

Shimla has always been a charming attraction for tourists for its green and peaceful environment. However, during HW’s visit to Daulat Singh Park, which is located on ridge near Ashiana, we found it in a very poor state. The wastewater pipe from the kitchen of Ashiana restaurant opens right into the park making it an ugly scene. The plants and trimmed and the ground is not even leveled a bit. One picture shows leakage in the water pipe, which makes the path muddy, while other shows damaged and dysfunctional park lights.

Almost whole wall and ground is covered with unwanted grass. Even some of the benches are in damaged state and adds to the inconvenience of the visitors who come to the park with the expectations of spending peaceful moments in a beautiful, grassy park full of flowers. However, the obvious disappointment of visitors doesn’t bother the concerned department (MC SHimla). Further, where does the money collected by selling the tickets is used actually?

Moreover, the plastic bottles and food wrappers scattered on the ground points towards visitors who can’t even bother to dispose the waste properly by using dustbins. Please pay some respect towards your duties and help the government keep our public places clean and green.

Update On Complaint:

Work In Progress:Daulat Singh Park

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