Save Trees:Why HPSEB nails trees instead of the electricity poles

HW couldn’t help wondering why HPESB is spending on electricity poles when they are not being used in anyway and instead, trees are tortured to hang streetlights.

Himachal Watcher has previously written to HPSEB and DFO Shimla regarding the unethical use of trees for nailing streetlights, stay wires, and advertisement hoardings. Some of them were removed, some still waiting for someone to come and pull those painful rods out.One more question, which must bother every citizen and HPSEB, is that why many electricity poles, not used anyway, are places all over the Shimla? What’s the purpose of spending money on the allotment of such poles? Why HPSEB nail torturous iron rods into trees instead of using these poles standing in vain? These pictures just cover the area near Kamla Nehru Hospital and you might have seen these poles all over the Shimla many times before, but never gave a thought over the purpose they are solving there. HW had posted similar news covering Vikasnagar, where, in papers, poles have been allotted, but in reality only poles and no streetlights.

If HPSEB has objection on our critical comments, please justify yourself and show ‘Estimate Report and Demand Application’ for the allotment of these poles all over the Shimla. HW would be grateful and proof against your innocence will be published on our website.Although, we know, no one is going to reply to our questions and show the public what we they are asking, but HW will get these answers through RTI on the behalf of public. Coming to the public for whom HW seeks attention, you contribute to the problem by being silent even after witnessing enormous such issues pertaining to the lives of common people.

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  1. sanjeevani

    He who receives money in trust to administer for the benefit of its owner, and uses it either for his own interest or against the wishes of its rightful owner, is a thief.

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