Unauthorized billboards and hoarding teases MC orders

HW had submitted many complaints against the unauthorized hoardings placed all over Shimla and also informed MC that these advertisers are not following the rules and regulations such as mentioning the period for which they have been granted permission to place their hoarding or billboards. In reply, MC removed a few and told us that they have informed all the advertiser to follow the rules?

However, we guess, MC forgot to review the physical impact of their orders. The advertising billboards and hoarding are there mocking at the orders of MC, which they claim we passed to all advertisers. We would like to pose some questions regarding this.

Did those advertisers followed the orders and displayed the time period for the allotment of spot?

Did MC imposed fine and remove the hoarding of those who did not follow the orders?

Did our complaint make any difference?

Did MC listen to the complaint of a common man, which the government promise to do while they request for our vote?

No surprise at all! The answer is, of course, NO. We know that none of the people reading this article or MC would give a damn to our efforts, but still on the behalf of public, HW is would keep asking these questions and won’t take a breath of sigh until we don’t receive proper reply.

Update On Complaint:

Unauthorized Hoardings At Boileaugang:Removed.Work In Progress For Another Unauthorized Hoardings In The City

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