Why rules & regulations are exceptions for Police Department

In our country rules & regulations are introduced, laws are made to ensure their proper execution, and penalties or punishments are written for every specific anti-social act or for the violation of rules. Police department bears a great responsibilities to protect people and make sure no one violates the rules & regulations.

Please go through the images, in which Police vehicles are parked in front of No Parking signs. HW sent the images and wrote to the SP Shimla twice regarding the matter, but we did not receive any reply. No one bothered to think about it deeply and conclude that in order motivate people to follow the rules; they themselves should not violate them. It’s not democracy and public is being befooled on the of democracy.

It’s a humiliating truth that we live in a country, where the protectors are the first to violate them by using their dress for bullying those who objects. How our government can expect its public to follow the rules, regulations, and laws, when it can’t promise unbiased justice.

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