Does using loudspeakers in Jagarans really make gods happy or just create nuisance

One of our readers, and a victim of our religious taboos, shared with us a problem, which most of us would admit, persists in our society, but won’t accept it publically. Himachal Watcher is always seeking your opinions and views on issues, which otherwise doesn’t find any proper platform and it’s our biggest pleasure to publish anything, we receive from anyone who is a part of our society. Here is the opinion and important facts related to nuisance, which use of loudspeakers create on the name of God.

All the text below is written by the contributor and there is no re-writing involved except the introductory paragraph.

It is a common and persistent nuisance that loudspeakers are blatantly misused during Jagratas in Shimla. I’m sure you’ll all agree with me on the following:

>Most bhajans/bhents are set to filmy songs, even item numbers.

>The decibel levels are too high for night time.

>The noise reverberates in the hills causing misery.

Violation of Rules & Regulations

I’ll like to share with you friends that High Court HP has laid the following conditions for loudspeaker use:

>Permission has to be sought in writing from the SHO.

>The SHO has to disallow use after 10 PM.

>Violators have to be booked.

Ill Effects of Noise Pollution

There are numerous ill effects for general population in the affected areas. Most vulnerable are children, elderly and pregnant mothers to these ill effects:

>Sleep Deprivation

>Day time fatigue,loss of attention

>Reduced work efficiency

>Accident proneness

>Poor school performance


>Risk of heart attack

Besides, in a secular country we are being forced to directly/ indirectly participate in the religious tamasha of some fanatical, misguided and backward group of people. Let us join together in putting an end to this very injurious practice to restore peace and sanity in our lives.

Contributor: Dr Ravi Bhushan, Shimla

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