Public crying for a patch of road for over 3 years

Rajhana Panchayat devoid of ambulance and taxi services due to badly damaged road. Local residents forced to spend from their pockets and work as laborers themselves to maintain the road.

Residents of Rajhana Panchayat tried and waited for over 3 years to get the attention of MC Shimla and government towards the maintenance of the completely damaged road leading from Sector-4 New Shimla to their panchayat. Many complaints were made and a few people even approached the local City Channel with a recorded footage depicting thewretched condition of the road.

The clipping from City Chanel:

As you might have guessed, no one bothered to listen to their grievance. Every day nearly 2000-3000 people use the road and as the rainy season is on, the conditions have become worse than before. The road is damaged to such an extent that even the ambulance, HRTC taxi and private taxi drivers black listed the route. Now the panchayat stands devoid of these important services. When all complaints and efforts to wake MC Shimla proved to be useless, local residents collected money for the raw material and started working to improve the condition of the road themselves.

All Video clips was recorded using a cellphone camera and sent to HW by a local resident

Total length of the road is merely somewhere between 600- 700 meters. Out of this total patch, near about 500 meters is under MC Shimla and remaining length is in Rajhana Panchayat.

HW tries to be unbiased in criticizing or submitting complains regarding the relevant issues, which affects the lives of many in our society and try not to use inappropriate language. However, after watching the images and video clip recorded by the complainer, lethargic and ridiculous attitude are two words that would come to anyone’s mind about the concerned government department and state government itself.

Video clip was recorded using a cellphone camera and sent to HW by a local resident It’s over 3 years that people have been approaching MC Shimla, requesting them to have mercy on the distressed and suffering public of the panchayat. It’s an absurd reality of our democratic policies that the public don’t even receives a patch of road in spite of regular requests. Those employed in the service of the citizens of a state don’t even bother to listen to their requests.

HW is again forwarding the complaint to MC Shimla and if still it’s not enough, then HW won’t hesitate to find legal grounds to support the distressed and suffering public of the Rajhana Panchayat.

Note: The name of the complainer has been kept confidential on request.

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  1. ashish

    road is the life line………of any area………!!! im surprised to hear that govt. is not concerned about it and no action had been taken since last 3 years……!!! it is shameless act of govt. and still govt says we have got award of the best state………!!! state wt people does not have even path to walk………shame on them…….then they say we are making himachal shine……!!! ……..shimla is crying for its critical condition ………..wt is was wt they have made it…….just ask them this………..!!!

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