A bus driver caught risking the lives of passengers (Video)

One of our readers and contributors took photos and recorded the video of a bus driver using cellphone while he drove the bus carrying 40-50 people.

The amendment to the Rule 19 (8) of Himachal Pradesh Motor Vehicle Rule-1990 bans use of cellphones while driving, but it’s still waiting to be promulgated in Himachal Pradesh. Here we would like to appreciate the contribution of one of our readers, who bothered to take pictures of the bus and record a video of bus driver using cellphone while he drove the bus carrying 40-50 people.

Note: The video and the photograph were taken on different dates, but captured the same driver and bus both the times.

The person sent them on our email-address requesting us to share it with public without disclosing his/her identity to ‘let the sleeping dog lie’. Please have a look at the video and decide whether it is moral and wise on the part of a bus driver to gamble on the lives of 40-50 passengers traveling in his bus. It might sound as an common scene watching a car driver talking on his cellphone while driving. However, in case of a person responsible for so many lives, it’s insane and unethical.

We won’t submit any complaint against the driver or bus, but have posted the image and video as an example of the will of a common man to react against the unethical acts and help make our social acts responsible. HW wish to provide a platform to unheard grievances of public, violations of laws by both public and government personals, corruption, false exercises and everything that pertains to and effects our society.

This article might not reach the bus drivers in a country like India, so it’ll be great if those who can access internet and read our message, could circulate it and yourself keep an eye on any such irresponsible act. That’s what at, least, a responsible citizen must do to contribute individually. People hesitate to take initiative and it’s the biggest reason India is falling a victim to corruption.

Vehicle Details
Bus Name: Chadha Travels.
Bus Number: HP 63 1840

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