The Barot Valley – A victim of the false promises and deceptive assurance given by the political leaders.

The Barot Valley – A heaven like tourist spot cries for maintenance for over a decade

The Himachal assembly polls are nearing and 53 candidates left the battle field on the last date for withdrawing the nominations, and now we are left with 469 candidates in the arena. The list of the promises has been printed on fine quality paper and is being circulated through manifestos. One of the highlights of these manifestos is the development of the tourism industry in Himachal. However, these promises mostly remain printed on the manifesto and rarely see the real world action. Here is one example.A resident of the Joginder Nagar wrote to HW along with images and related URLs of the Chauhar Valley, better known as Barot valley – a beautiful tourist spot located in the Joginder Nagar, District Mandi of Himachal Pradesh. According to him, the Barot Valley has a great potential as a perfect destination for tourists , but the government is not paying any attention towards its maintenance and development. Interestingly, Kaul Sigh, former Congress chief who has filed nomination from the Darang constituency for the polls scheduled for next month, was approached many times with the issue of the bridge in the valley, which fell down in 1995 due to a flood. However, nothing was delivered accept assurance. The complainer further puts it in the following words:

The original Text of the complaint sent to HW:

“Well the problem is that government is not taking care of this place, which can be developed as a tourist hub Here are the photos with description.

In this image you can see the left side pillars of the broken bridge. This bridge was broken in flood 1995 and yet not built again. Kaul Singh several time assured that they are working on this matter, but nothing ever actually done for solve the issue . On the right side you can see a small temporary bridge made of woods. This bridge flows away every time when there is a little flood in Uhl river and villagers have to go round about 3KM long to reach the other side – the Multhan village (Multhan village is in Distt. Kangra , Baijnath block on the other side of the bridge)


In this picture you can see the poor condition of the roads, that leads from Barot to Mayot village and was constructed about 6 years ago. The condition of the road is worse than a dirt road. It’s a shame to have such a lethargic governing body.

damaged-road-barot-valley-Joginder Nagar

This road leads from Barot to Bada Gram village ( in Kangra district ) was constructed approximately 20 years ago and yet no better than the ruins of devastated place Many time you have to cross a vehicle by driving over the water streams due to the lack of the bridge over it.”
barot-valley-Joginder Nagar

The valley is not fortunate enough to get any attention inspite of being full of potential of earning dollars for the state. Those who live in the valley or travel to the valley faces tough road and broken bridges.Why is that, the cries of public has been ignored even over a decade. That’s what the both parties calls development. It’s a single case, but it does show the attitude of these political parties, which lures the public with promises before the election and then turns their back to them once the elections are over. We suggest, now we should wait for the results of the polls to be held on November/4/2012 and then expect the new government to attend the issue as Mr. Kaul Singh didn’t find it considerable enough.

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  1. disqus_pEoeIXz67T

    well going through the article what i felt is …. “at the end again it’s us who needs to be aware and should be active regarding the progress being made in our locality by the government coz after holding on power they don’t get a single second to give a look on what they have promised in their manifesto … people should get up and ask them again n again for being late in implementing their promises to the action coz at the end it’s doesn’t matter which government is there unfortunately our minister fails to realize that big power brings great responsibility with them. ”

  2. Rakesh Kumar

    What a shame that such a beautiful valley is not being developed as tourist hub by Govt . We have only heard about Shima and Manali , but this place looks better . Govt should do something

  3. Ranjeet Kumar

    I appeal to the authorities and government to take strong steps to develop this place as tourist attraction . This valley has great potential to attract a large number of tourist .

  4. Ranjan Kumar

    This valley is really very beautiful as I visited here many times . But I don’t see any noticeable development in this valley past a decade . Himachal Tourism deptt. should do something .
    I was very wondered to see here ” Haulage trolley ” build in 1926(approx.) by col .Batty , what a marvelous of engineering and beauty ! But it is such a pity that such thing is now abandoned and rusting . On one hand govt . spends millions on Shimala and Manali and on other hand , such jewel is neglected .

  5. Roger Webster

    I visited here last year during monsoon season , and condition of road from NH to Barot was pathetic . After seeing pictures , I don’t think that there is any improvement .
    But I want to tell you one thing , no matter how bad the condition of roads , this place is really very beautiful and I will visit it again even if I have to trek ok walk .
    Final comments : don’t mix politics with tourism , this place deserves to be a tourist attraction .

  6. nicky webster

    As tourism is a great revenue earner for any country, province and district I must say I am really surprised that the HP authorities do not do more to promote this wonderful place … it does not even appear in the Lonely Planet, which is the bible of Western tourists! It is a great shame and a waste of magnificent natural resources. Obviously to many of us the attraction is that it is so untouristy but by the same token …. tasteful and thoughtful improvements in consultation with those who are attempting to promote the valley would surely be a good thing for everyone? My respect, admiration and very good wishes to those few that are trying so hard to promote this area.

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