MC Shimla to handle water wastage strictly, while its own tanks overflow

MC Shimla goes very strict on the save water campaign, heavy fines to be imposed on the violators.

Wasting drinking water along with a disregard to the public property means no big deal for the public of Shimla, especially, the urban. So, it’s a good news that MC Shimla has put a good amount as an penalty in case your water tank is found overflowing or leaking.You pay Rs. 2000 for the first time and for the second time that becomes Rs.5,000. If you have been using your domestic water connection for the commercial purpose, let’s say for a year, then you’ll have to pay Rs. 10,000 as a fine and you are billed for the whole year in accordance with the rate of a domestic connection. Further, if you don’t deposit the bill even after a month of the due date, then you lose your water connection and would be charged Rs.2000 for the new connection. Very good MC Shimla, you are on the right path now, at least, for saving water. Trees should be the next issue as a priority, before the state government sells off all the land to real estate billionaires.

MC Shimla’s own tank and a tap found overflowing

Video Clips Recorded and Submitted on HW by a local resident

Knock! Knock! Dear MC Shimla, HW invites you to inaugurate your campaign to save water with your department first. Have a look at the videos. The place is Chet Villa, Tuti Kandi and the Tank of the water, which is not just leaking, but overflowing, belongs to a public toilet. Please send someone to fix it ASAP and fine the one who is responsible. We hope, you know who is required to pay the penalty in case the department is itself at fault. Put the penalty on the field officer or the personal responsible for the wastage of water in his/her area, because it’ll be an additional effort to boost your save water campaign.


Suppose 5 liters of water overflows in a minute from this tank and the local complainer said it was the same from the last four months. Now lets calculate the quantity of water wasted by MC Shimla in these four months due to this single overflowing tank.


We guess, it’s not the only one tank in Shimla that is overflowing. There are many which are either leaking or overflows during the times of water supply.

HW would also like to request to our readers and the public to take part in the save water campaign and keep an eye on the overflowing or leaking tanks. All you need is to click some pictures or a video using your mobile and submit them on HW or mail them on editor@himachalwatcher.com. Please make sure that you do mention the exact location. We hope that when next time you see a overflowing tank or any sort of wastage of water, private of public, you’ll not ignore it, like you have been doing till today. State is not alone responsible for saving water. The people must understand their share in the quest to save water.

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  1. Sunny Thakur

    Yeh lo MC Shimla ka ek or karnama…ab is ka challan kon bhergaa kya department apna challan kerga? shimla ke janta ka chalaan to bhaut jaldi hota hai ab dekhna yeh hai is ka kya hota hai is area ka jo JAe or line man hai un dono ka challan hona chaiya …

  2. Madan

    That’s so nice of you MC Shimla, The public of shimla needed some strict rules badly. You know these animals always require a leader with a stick. They don’t have their own minds in working condition.They have even lost all the sense of the very common.

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