This Diwali use lesser fireworks, play safe, and beware of adulterated sweets

Dipawali, the festival of lights’, is just a couple of days ahead and India is all set to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. The newspapers, TV Channels, magazines are full of Diwali wishes and the, of course, the huge advertisements offering sales and gifts on shopping. It’s real hard to imagine the festival without heavy bombs, sky rockets and variety of other sparkling crackers, especially for the kids. Diwali is the biggest and most favorite of Hindus among other festivals. The festive appetite couldn’t be satisfied without a lot of shopping, decorations, sweets, candles.

Everything is fine at its place, except a few issues of great concerns- the crackers, electric lighting and adulterated sweets. For an eco-conscious person, the day of Diwali is a horrifying reality. The air pollution, which is already on an alarming stage, would cross the safe line. On the other hand, the trend of using electric lightening for decoration instead of earthen lamps, would consume unnecessary energy.

The government has already implemented the strategies to curb the culprits trying to poison the people on Diwali with their adulterated sweets. However, the reports from different states of the nation confirm seizing of tons of adulterated sweets. The agencies express a great concern over the issue and have directed the public to be sure that they don’t fall victim to the poison. The consumers too seem to have shifted to dry fruits instead of sweets. All the sweets, which requires Mawa has a greater probability of containing toxic ingredients.

Important Facts about the Fireworks and Precautions

Gunpowder is the common compound used in the crackers and, but there are other heavy metals and chemicals too, which are used to create the desired colored sparkles in the fireworks.

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If you can’t resist busting some nasty bombs and fireworks, then make it short. You can keep burning them all the night or you might just contain that to half an hour. Our ecosystem has reached its capacity to tolerate the man made nuisance. A healthy environment means the good of all humanity and all living creatures on the planet. Also, do try to use earthen lamps instead of artificial lighting. A earthen lamp burns oil, but still it’s a better alternative to wasting a lot of electricity. In case of sweets, you need to make sure that you buy them from a trustable source. Otherwise, go for dry fruits and sweets which doesn’t contain Mawa as one of its ingredients.

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  1. Madan

    Happy Diwaliiii to all. Say No to fireworks otherwise the nature would spit it out itself and trust me, then the fury of nature would be destructive.

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