A martyr awaits justice even after a decade of the Kargil war


Captain Kalia along with five other soldiers, were allegedly tortured to death in the captivity of Pakistani troops and their bodies were returned in such mutilated condition that even the families were not able to identify them.

A hero, a martyr and a prisoner of war, Captain Saurabh Kalia, son of India is awaiting an apology from Pakistan. Born on 30 June, 1976, to Dr. N.K. Kalia and Mrs. Vijay he was selected in the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun in August 1997.

During the 1999 Kargil war against archrival Pakistan, Saurabh along with five other soldiers of the Jat regiment namely, Sepoy Arjun Ram, Sepoy Bhawar Lal Bagaria, Sepoy Bhika Ram, Sepoy Moola Ram and Sepoy Naresh Singh were captured alive by the Pakistani rangers near the Kaksar sector. All this happened while Saurabh along with five Indian soldiers had long and continuous battle with the Pakistani rangers. When the Indian counterpart ran out of ammunition, they were encircled and captured. Captaint Saurabh Kalia along with those five soldiers were in captivity for over twenty one days where they were humiliated, tortured and finally killed. The Pakistani army handed over their bodies on June 9, 1999 and it was revealed that the Pakistani army had tortured the Indian soldiers by burning their bodies with cigarettes, their ear drums were punctured with hot rods. Their eyes were also punctured and were removed. The teeth were broken along with bones, skull was fractured, lips were cut, limbs, nose including their private organs were chopped.

Beside this horrific act, the Indian soldiers also faced mental torture and finally they were killed, as it was clear by the postmortem report. Although the Kalia family had been granted all sorts of monetary benefits, the pain is excruciating and the wound open. Pakistan has been constantly denying the fact that Captain Saurabh Kalia, along with others were indeed captured, mutilated, and murdered by the Pakistani troops. Pakistan has also been denying that the act was a war crime. Dr. N.K. Kalia and his family have been fighting a battle ever since they received the body of their son. “All that we want is an apology”, Dr. Kalia says. The media have raised the issue again and Army Cheif General Bikram Singh has assured that Indian army will support this battle. India demands justice for the heroes long forgotten. It’s the time we show our support for the martyr, who died so that we could live in safety. Indian government has been avoiding any initiative to raise the issue as a war crime, hence insulting the memory of the soldier, who died fighting for the nation.

Presently, Dr. N.K. Kalia, father of Capt. Kalia, moved the Supreme Court with a belief that the nation and its citizens would support him in the quest. HW requests the readers to support our hero with their comments and shares. It’s not about a few soldiers, but the dignity of Indian armed forces. No soldier of ours or any nations should ever be made to face the ‘War Crimes’.

By Vayu Mankotia , Shimla, Member HW Community

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