MC plays computer games in office, while public grievances await (Video)


One of the HW’s readers sent us the a video clip which he recorded inside the Shimla MC’s office a couple of days ago.

We always wondered why the government departments take months for even a simple reply to the public grievance we submit, especially the MC Shimla. Well, now we know why our complaints regarding the public grievances, like insufficient street lights, protective railing on road sideways, damaged road, water leakage, trees being harmed and so on, waits for moths once they have been put under in progress. Here is the answer

We know, it’s a too small issue for any average citizen to waste their time on. Playing computer game isn’t any huge violation. Rather, it’s the cultural right of any Indian government employee. There are far greater issues to be contemplated about. However, HW believes in the value of sense of duty no matter how tiny it is for their. We don’t have problem with MC playing computer games once they are done with you duties, but before that, it is a violation and immoral.


Moreover, HW had submitted hundreds of complaints until date and has experienced the ‘Sarkari Kaam, attitude very well. The government departments are reluctant even to reply to the public grievances. Shimla MC, HPSEB, and HPPWD make full of their minds to create excuses to ignore attending their duties. You are no less than the corrupted politicians and a shame on our State. Have a look at the list evidences below if anyone has doubt about it.

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