Old ISBT footpath been stinking and risking public for years


Shimla: A few days ago, one of the HW’s readers sent a few picture of two gutter lids inside the old HRTC bus-stand’s tunnel, telling us how pedestrians are posed to risk of being injured while they use the footpath.

On one of the two foothpaths in the small old bus stand tunnel, the concrete caps used to cover the gutter are above the ground surface in height and often cause trouble to those using the footpath. They obstruct the path and sometimes cause injuries to those who fell down after hitting their foot against these caps. Most of the time, kids are the usual victims. Other than that, the surface is always slippery due to the regular leakage in gutter at the same spot and in freezing temperature of winters, it becomes more lethal. The specific spot is in the same condition for the past many years and even the public has adapted to it. However, we feel, it can cause a serious damage to a human life.


Therefore, dear MC Shimla or HRTC, whoever is responsible for the maintenance of the gutter, we would like to ask you to fix the problem as soon as possible. At least, before someone gets seriously injured due to your intentional ignorance or as in Hindi –Kaam Chori.However, we know that this complaint would make no appeal but just irritate you instead of thinking about the safety of the public and your duties. So, we don’t have any hopes from any of the two government departments.

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