Where did the Rs. 8,90,000 sanctioned by MC Shimla disappear?


MC Shimla on 28 May 2012 sanctioned Rs. 8,90,000 for placing protective railings, telling that the contract would be awarded after the MC elections are over. However, even after six months, the amount did not reach where it should have.

After a car accident in May 2012, HW had submitted a complaint to MC Shimla to take protective measures to avert any further mishaps at Boileauganj to Shive Mandir road. We received their reply after 28 days saying that an amount of Rs. 8,90,000 has been sanction by MC House for delivering protective railings on the road mentioned in the complaint and added that the contract will be awarded to a contractor after the MC elections.


However, in reality, not even a muscle was moved regarding the complaint. Not even a single railing was ever delivered at any spot over the mentioned road length. HW really felt disappointed and wrote to MC Shimla asking them to mention the progress on our complaint and the details of the contractor to whom it has awarded the contract. MC Shimla simply put the issue under progress again without any proper reply. We waited for over a week for a reply to our enquiry, but MC Shimla did not have any answer.

We would simply like to pose a question that where the money sanctioned by MC House went. Why MC Shimla is not answering to our enquiry?


We are quite acquainted with your favorite excuse of unfavorable weather and most probably, this time, your reply would mention the winter season. In 2013 too, there would be summers, then rains and then again winters. Poor MC Shimla won’t get time in the new year too, probably never.

We would further like to add that, it doesn’t matter what party sits at MC house, each of them are the same. CPI(M) you are no different from others and seems to be getting infected with very common virus found in Indian government called ‘Sarkari Kaam’. You couldn’t deliver even a single railing in a time period of six months, when the funds have already been sanctioned. Isn’t that a shame for you?

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  1. Sunny Thakur

    aray bhai road side railing he nai street light bhi nai hai kuch ek spots mai to Gupat Jae hai koi us say abhi tak estimate he approved nai hua hai soya hau kahi pr kaam chor kahi kaa us ne thodi aanaa hota hai raat ko idher say or @tikender Dy. mayor and @sanjay Chauhan Mayor …jitni jaldi VOTE mangne aatay ho us k half speed mai bhi agr kaam kr do to shayad kuch bhala hoga …..nai to MC shimla ka ek he excuse hota hai abhi rainy season hai ab winter hai or ab funds nai hai aray jis k liya funds hai wo to laga do kaam choro

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