Who is responsible: 108 Service, MC Shimla or HP Govt?

Who is responsible

An old woman slips on ice, dies due to delay as 108-ambulance service call-centre denies service, while taxi driver charges four times the usual fee to carry the dead body.

Honourable Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh recently claimed that his recently formed government would ensure Sushaasan (good governance) with welfare of all. He even made an announcement regarding an increase of Rs. 50 in social security pension. But the question is that what the hell the senior citizens would do with the social security pension when their life is not secure in the state. A recent accident resulting in death of an old lady has brought shame to the authorities bringing their inaction and ignorant attitude to the limelight.

Yesterday, an old lady, aged about 75 years was on her way home when she slipped on the hard frozen ice (the hardened snow) while getting down a set of staircases near Machhli wali kotthi, Jakhoo area. She slipped so badly that she got a serious injury on her head with a continuous stream of blood oozing out of the wound. Some onlookers called up 108 (An emergency Ambulance service) and requested them to reach on the spot and enable the seriously injured lady to reach the hospital.

But, to their surprise, the executives of Ambulance service call-centre denied providing any service to the injured lady stating that all the ambulances were struck in snow at Kamla Nehru Hospital and were so unable to reach the spot and attend the injured. Disappointed by the reply they got from the so-called ‘Emergency Ambulance Service’ and without wasting any more time, the people attending the injured lady hired a taxi and took the old lady to IGMC, Shimla.

Attending the emergency case, the doctors reported that the old lady was ‘Brought Dead’ to the hospital. The scene doesn’t end here. Carrying the dead body back to her home was not at all an easy endeavor. The people attending her were unable to secure a single ambulance to transfer the dead body to her home. Even the Red Cross Society was unable to provide an ambulance/mortuary van to carry the dead body. The taxi drivers too were ignorant but finally taking note of the situation and his chance or earning huge profit, a TATA Sumo driver agreed to carry the dead body to her home charging Rs. 1,000 which is four times the normal taxi fare.

With such type of incidents taking place in our society, can the safety of senior citizens be guaranteed? Honourable CM sir, it no more interest the common man that by what name the 108 Ambulance service is called, as far as it provides services to them in the time of urgent need.

First and foremost I would like to applaud the role of our digital media who have immense time for debating on the issues which would never produce any result, but have no time to talk about the inefficiency of our state administration.

Whom do you hold responsible for this death or may I call it a murder?
The HP State Government which is so very cautious of changing the name of 108 Ambulance service from ‘Atal Swasthya Sewa’ to ‘National Health Mission Service’ rather than ensuring that these ambulances do actually provide the services and fulfill the purpose they are meant for.

The Municipal Corporation Shimla which always remembers collecting taxes from the people in the name of services which are never provided to the people. (The Honourable Mayor never responds to the calls made to his official mobile number). Gross negligence in service can be made out from the fact that even after 10 days of snowfall, MC Shimla was unable to remove frozen ice from The Mall Road (in front of Hotel Willow Banks), leave aside the frozen ice at other places. Are they not responsible for this death as they were unable to clear snow from KNH, Shimla making the ambulances immobile when this work comes under their ambit?

The 108 Ambulance service for not ensuring the mobilization of their ambulances to attend to emergency situations.
Or finally We, the responsible citizen of Himachal Pradesh & specifically Shimla, for voting such an administration to power which is unable to fulfill the basic needs of the common man.

The final call is to be taken by you all. I am not writing this article to sensationalize the issue or hold the government responsible for it, but to make you all aware that it is you who can bring about a change. It is you who can raise your voice. I hope the govt. which turns dumb to the feeble and weak demands of the aged can no longer ignore the voice of the youth as we are educated, we know are rights and grab them if they are not provided to us by default.

Don’t sleep anymore, it’s time to rise and make our voices heard, time to Join the new social awakening, time to contribute your part. Time to Join Himachal Watcher and be the change you want to see.

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