Shivaratri celebrations in Shimla


Hope people of Shimla enjoyed the occasion of Shivaratri, and didn’t miss the opportunity to utilize the liberty of altering state of consciousness for a while that the incredible leaves offer.

For the Pujaris (Priests) of temples, Shivaratri brings with it huge hopes for good offerings from highly religious people at Shiv temples everywhere. Even the beggars keep similar hopes, that the occasion would increase the chance of people, which on other days would ignore them, showing apathy to them. Shiv Temples are crowded places on the day, and people stand in long queues, waiting for their turn to empty the milk-bowls on ‘Shivling’. The Shiv Lingas are literally flooded with milk, which the Lord does not drink, and finds its way to gutters. In every one minute, if not more, then half a liter was being poured, and this process continues almost whole day.

Priests and temple authorities were busy in hurdling the crowd asking them to be quick and move ahead to make space for many others trying to find their way in. Many other miscellaneous items like fruits, honey, flowers etc are the part of the offerings. People try every mean possible to please the Lord of Destruction.

But, regardless to the food wastage, Shivaratri is one of the most popular festivals and holds a great religious value for the Hindus. Shimla is no exception and people here, too, celebrate Shiv Ratri, and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Here are some scenes, which HW collected from various temples nearby Shimla. The collection includes photographs from Shiv Temples at Shimla Mallroad, Shimla Lift, Vikasnagar, Malayana (Shiv Gufa), and Dhalli.

vikasnagar-shiv-mandir-shimla Snakes-in-shimla Shivratri-in-shimla Shiv-mandir-shimla-mall Shiv-mandirr-dhali-shimla shiv-mandir-near-shimla-mall Shiv-ling-shimla-mall malayan-shivitemple-shani-temple shiv-ling-mehali-shimla shiv-gufa-mehali-malayana-shimla malayana-shiv-mandir Shive-mandir-near-lift-shimla Shive-mandir-mehli-shimla Dhalli-shiv-mandir-shimla Bhang-ke-pakode beggars-in-shimla beggar-girl-in-shimla baba shani-temple-malayana panthaghati-shive-temple panthaghati-shimla malayana-shimla hawan-kund-andri-shive-mandir shani-temple-mehli-malayana shivegufa-malayana shive-kali-temple-mehli-malayana shiv-mandir-summerhill-andri-village summerhill-shive-temple andri-shive-temple

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