No less than a landmark of Shimla

We all love change, isn’t it? What if I tell you be at the same place, doing the same things for more than some three decades? You will find it killing, stop me if I am wrong!

Let us figure out how it feels to be at the same place and in same vocation with undying passion for more than forty years, that too without getting the mega bucks! Yes you have read it right. Here we have relentless four people from Shimla, who are no less than a landmark of the town. They have seen Shimla changing right in front of their eyes, but that change has not lured them to change their vocation. Unlike most of us, money is not their motivation, their fuel is the passion and dedication towards what they do.

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“Living life to the fullest and giving hundred percent to my work motivates me. I find it nice when people remember me and my flavors.”

Mahinder ji is running a chat stall since 1972 at Taka Bench. He might be worn out and old physically but his spicy gol gappas are always mixed with his incredible sweetness. He serves the lip smacking snacks with a garnish of infectious love.  Popular not only among locals, Mahinder ji has treated the taste buds of many tourists who love to revisit his chat stall each time they come to the town.


“Even if I am given one lakh rupees, I will not leave this profession or spot.”

Rattan ji, the famous chane wala sits under the tree on the ridge just in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue. He is sitting there for over 36 years and it is his licensed spot. All he asks for and wants us to appeal to government is that he should be given a shelter at least so that he can be there with his delicious chanas even during heavy rains or snow.


“I don’t think about competition from popular brands, I get happiness in designing these shoes myself and sell them at humble price”

Pyare Lal ji, got a small cobbler shop as an ancestral property in Middle Bazaar. The shop is there since 1945. In 1987 Pyare Lal ji upgraded it to a handmade shoes store where he makes leather footwear for both men and women. “Despite the low income in the profession plus the tough competition from the branded footwear range; available few stairs away fom my shop, on the Mall road, I never wanted to change my profession because it makes me happy to design and make shoes.”- Pyare Lal ji


“I come here each day knowing it that it’s never going to bring me any fortune, but at least I am not begging”

Gulab Uncle is basically from upper Shimla, Chopal. He is a senior representative of the lepers’ community in Shimla. He sits near Willows Bank with a weighing machine. He is into this profession since last 35 years. Most of his life he spent searching a place for himself with his weighing machine, until he found his present place some three years back. Despite his disability he wanted to have a respectable life. Though he earns hand to mouth money from his work but he believes in raising his kids with dignity. “Even though some NGOs and trusts lure me with money to join them, but I believe in raising my children with my own earned money.”-Gulab Uncle


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