Wake N’ Bake – The ‘Central Perk’ of Shimla


“Wake n Bake is a place where culture (music, art and film) is promoted. It is Shimla’s beginning towards its cultural revolution.”- As Himanshu sees it.

We call ourselves Shimla Wanderers for a reason. The reason that we do not just live here but we breathe this city, we live it. Now after almost three decades of our lives here, our avidness for the town remains intact. However, we cannot deny that among several other factors, one thing we deeply miss from old days, are places like Park Café, Beekays or Embassy as they used to be back then. Friendly hangout places filled with home-like warmth, amazing aroma of coffee and nonstop niche music that actually introduced us to the unheard tunes of the west. If you know what I’m saying, you’d agree that the Modern Café chains cannot match the “Central Perk” feel of those oldschool places. Over the years as that culture gradually disappeared, so did our interest in tagging a single place as our regular hangout. Well, let’s just blame time for this.

However thankfully, it seems the culture is being refreshed yet again.

When we came to learn about this immensely talented local lad, Himanshu, who by the way is the owner of Wake N’ Bake, we could not resist to cover him here on Himachal Watcher.

A grad in computer engineering and web developer by profession, Himanshu couldn’t keep himself away from the Himalayas and in 2010 he came back for good. In 2011 he came up with the idea of mixing great flavors with cool ambience and amazing music and as a culmination of these three strong factors “Wake n Bake” was born. At present, “Wake n Bake” has not only managed to attract the young crowd of tourists as well as locals, but it has become a hub for the youth.

Scroll down to check out the top five of Wake and Bake:


The menu is small and limited but it surely gives an exposure to different cuisines. Here you can enjoy a Middle Eastern Platter, Crepes, Pasta, Salads, Pizza, Kathi Rolls and the daily specials.


“It’s a place where the freshness and wholesomeness of food is respected and celebrated.”- Himanshu


You will fall in love with the yellow walls which is itself a piece of art. The tree of life painted on the front wall is a symbol of fragility. If you admire art, it is one hell lot of inspiration you can gaze at, simply sitting and sipping a cup of coffee. The ambience is so cool, you can actually sit and interact even with strangers.



Starting from INR 70- 200, you can grab on the mouthwatering flavors at affordable prices. A meal for two will cost you less than INR 500.


Outdoor Seating:

The roof top seating of the café offers panoramic view. You can enjoy your food or coffee with cool breeze.



Located in the heart of the city, Wake n Bake is on the Mall Road. The windows of the café give amazing view of the erstwhile Town Hall and the hustle bustle of the Mall Road.


Well, it seems that we have finally found our “Central Perk” in the name of Wake n Bake.

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