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“Hum na to koi particular style follow karte hai and na hi koi professional training li, bus jo b aagya aan do!”

DnA is a duo of two amusingly talented and creative lads of Shimla- Dixit Dutt and Anshul. That is precisely why they are known as DnA; simple yet catchy, ain’t it? The very catchphrase also defines their work of art and music.

Before we go on to show you why these two local boys made to HW City Lifestyle, here’s a little yet sweet inspiring bio of our stars of this week.


Anshul is a painter, who used to practice on his walls and canvas until some of his friends asked him to paint on their T-Shirts. A couple of years back, when a friend asked Anshul to paint his favorite rock star on a T-Shirt, he took that opportunity for fun sake but after the first masterpiece he painted, Anshul popped up with the idea of making it his career. Although his parents want him to join a good B-School after he completes his B Com but he dreams of becoming something which he loves. While Anshul puts his thoughts and creativity on T-Shirts, Dixit Dutt takes care of the marketing and business expansion of DNA.


Dixit Dutt is a B Com as well but his adrenalin rush is only stimulated by playing innovative fusion music that he composes on his own. Interestingly, the naturally talented boy has not received any special training, yet you do not believe your ears when he plays with a flair of a maestro. He got us completely mesmerized when he played like a pro his self-composed tune based on some classical raga that I cannot remember the name of due to my poor knowledge in the subject. Dixit Dutt is an artist by heart, yet he knows how to convert a mere talent into a flourishing business idea. He takes care of the marketing and business expansion of DNA.


When we asked them if they have taken any professional training, they told us in the typical Shimla lingo, “Hum na to koi particular style follow karte hai and na hi koi professional training li, bus jo b aagya aan do!”

Now let us catch up with their captivating artwork, which showcases both passion for music and flawless skill of the hand.

From Bob Marley to Pink Floyd, Anshul has painted more than 100 T-shirts by now and they are making good bucks out of that. The thing to appreciate here is that they are not digitally printing the T-shirts unlike tons of people nowdays selling in the name of customized Tees. Anshul does each T-shirt with hand and puts up a distinctive theme to each, making it truly exclusive for the wearer. They started with fabric paints but now they are quite excelling in Biomechanical painting.


When we asked them about their future plans, Dixit Dutt told us that they are now planning to try Kangra Paintings on T-Shirts. “While I was reading Sarat Chandra Debo’s,‘Image is Everything’ an idea popped up in my mind, that through our art work we should try the Kangra paintings on T-Shirts. It will help in promoting and preserving the state art.”


Meeting and knowing DnA was indeed a wonderful experience. We were in fact enchanted to see the dedication, skill and those infectious smiles that lit when they began telling all about their art and music. We wish the duo lots of success for future and hope they inspire and enthrall with more of their great

Let us wrap up with Dixit’s self-composed classic base melody.

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A duo of Shimla chics, who write for their love for the city want to keep exploring and sharing the endless grandeur of Shimla with the readers. Already established as content designers, both of them are Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. As they love to put it, their peculiar fixation with the city drives them to volunteer for HW.

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Self-taught local artist to exhibit ’17 Paintings’ oil painting works at Gaiety, Shimla



Shimla: For the art lovers and critics in Himachal Pradesh, a self-taught local artist will showcase his collection of oil paintings titled “17 Paintings” on a two-days exhibition at the historic Gaiety Theater, Shimla on December 9 and 10 from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Surya Ranjan Shandil (31), who hails from Solan district, works in Bengaluru as a computer programmer in the field of education technology. After his schooling from Shimla, he obtained a B.Tech Degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Himachal's cutlural paintings

Courtesy: Surya Ranjan Shandil

However, he did not ignore his love for the painting and continued it at evenings after college, work, on weekends, and Sundays.

Later, Ranjan realized he has a collection of his own. His first solo exhibition was held in November 2016 at the Gaiety Theater.

The appreciation he received at the first exhibition encouraged him to present his second collection of oil paintings that he painted during 2017.

He received his education upto Class 12 from Shimla’s St. Edwards and Dayanand Public School.

He is best known for his captivating genre paintings.

I started drawing at the age of 3-4 years. At that time, I used to sign the drawings with incorrect spellings of my name,

Ranjan told Himachal Watcher

His father, Dr R G Shandil, who is now retired, was a professor of mathematics at the H.P. University, Shimla. His mother Dr. Sandhya Shandil was a teacher at the St. Edward’s School, Shimla.

After graduating in 2010, I started with oil painting during the evenings and weekends. Gradually I built up a collection and in November 2016, I held my first solo exhibition of 29 oil paintings at gaiety,

he said.

local himachali painting artist

Ranjan’s paintings reflect people. The upcoming exhibition opens with simple themes like the joy of shopping, local festivities, celebration, dance and music. Most works painted on these themes are in the context of Himachal.

Surya Ranjan Shandil

Following these are mellow paintings ‘Seaside Nap’ and ‘Personal Sunrise’ – more subtle takes on human thought. The artist also takes a step towards satire in comically interesting works ‘Monkeys’ and ‘Chimpanzees’.

Slowly moving towards expressionism ‘Kayal’ takes the viewer to the realm of subjectless painting while in ‘Frenzy’ the artist dispenses with form.

Ending on a light hearted note, the paintings ‘Bonfire’ and ‘A Silent Conversation’ recreate the magic of Gabbar Singh and Rajesh Khanna on canvas.

About his love for painting, he said,

I believe art is a journey of constant improvisation.  

It would be his second solo exhibition. Earlier, he has participated and won prizes in several painting competitions throughout his schooling and B.Tech.


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Bollywood film-maker Onir conducting auditions in Shimla for his next film



Teenage Shimla girl actors

Shimla: Shimla-based production house ‘Secret Corridor Pictures’, run by award-winning filmmaker Siddharth Chauhan, is looking for new faces for Onir’s upcoming film “Kuch Bheege Alfaaz”. The film will be shot in Shimla.

Onir is a National award-winning director and producer. He needs a young girl in the age group of 14-18 from Shimla to cast in his film.

Onir has directed films like: My Brother Nikhil, Bas Ek Pal, Sorry Bhai, I AM, and Shab. His ‘Chauranga’ had won him multiple awards last year.

The Secret Corridor is looking after the casting & production process for this film. The production house is currently scrutinizing applications and organizing auditions.

In the first round of the auditions was conducted online and five finalists were selected out of over 50 applicants. These five candidates were invited for an interview with Onir on October 8, 2017.

The production house is also looking for actors in all age groups for other projects.

Onir’s films are known for the unique content that works as a trailblazer for the Indian film industry.

He is the man behind ‘My Brother Nikhil’ – the first Bollywood film that addressed the sensitive topic of homosexuality and AIDS.

His other film ‘I AM’ had won him the prestigious National Award & many other awards at various international film festivals.

The interested candidates can apply for auditions alongwith their pictures and other details. The candidates can either apply through e-mail at [email protected]” or through Facebook.

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Himachal gets a ‘War Museum’ at Dharamsala as reminder of martyrs



dharamsala war museum

Dharamsala – The ‘War Museum’ at Dharamsala was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday, August 9, 2017. He also laid the foundation stone of the Freedom Fighters Memorial at Dari.

The War Museum, he said was a reminder of the sacrifices of the valiant soldiers of Himachal Pradesh, right from recipients of Victoria Cross to Parmveer Chakra. The Museum would offer a flashback to learn more about the Nations first Param Vir Chakra recipient, the highest gallantry awardee, Major Somnath Sharma to late Captain Bikram Batra, Saurabh Kalia, and others who laid their lives for the sake of the Nation.

Recalling the Kargil war, he said that 54 brave soldiers from the soil of Himachal had laid their lives. These sacrifices will find mention in this War Museum.

The Museum is spread over a total area of 2190 square meters and built at a cost of Rs. 9.85 crores. Outside the Museum, the statue of General Zorawar Singh and murals of heroic deeds are on display.

The inner Hall houses busts of Vir Chakra awardees, Jamedar Bhandan Ram and Jamedar Lala small description of their legend on the wall against a golden background.

The busts of Param Vir and Vir Chakras include those of Major Somnath Sharma, Major Dhan Singh Thapa, Captain Vikram Batra, Major Sudhir Walia, Hony. Captain Sanjay Kumar.

The Museum also houses photo gallery of all PVC recipients of the country besides the medals of various gallantry award recipients including Victoria Cross, Ashok Chakra, Vir Chakra etc.

war museum himachal

Photo: Divya Himachal

There is also a 5×2 foot Ashoka Pillar beside a Pakistan captured flag, regimental flags, Medium Machine Guns etc.

The State government has requested the Government of India for MIG-21 and display of other warfare machinery, said representatives of ‘State Martyrs Memorial Service and Development Society’.

The inauguration of the Museum was timed with the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the quit India movement also known as ‘August Kranti’.

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