Ultra-Luxury Villas in Shimla: MC imposes fine on Bemloe Builders, almost negligible


Shimla Municipal Corporation imposed a penalty of Rs 22.73 lakh on Bemloe Builders for damaging 23 trees at the site of Ultra-Luxury Housing Project at Kanlog , Shimla. However, actual damages are much more than reported

Shimla-The public is all praise for Shimla MC after the news that it has slapped a fine of Rs 22.73 lakh on the Bemloe Builders for damaging trees at the site of its ultra-luxury housing project in Shimla. But, let us remind you that Bemloe Builders is just a proxy for real estate giant DLF. That means the amount of imposed fine, which is Rs 22.73 lakhs, is nothing more than some lose money for it. Moreover, the penalty considered only the damage done while carving a link road to the construction site for transportation of the construction material and not the overall damage. It’s apparent if you ponder over the whole plan and the amount that DLF would have spent to receive favors from BJP government to bypass laws.

We hope you know about the DLF Luxury Villas being constructed in an area of 6650 sq meter in the middle of a thick deodar forest. If not, you must go through the evidences of tree massacre and violations under the patronage of government.

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damaging trees

The situation was worse than it was reported. The number of trees was almost in hundreds, not dozens as media had reported.

A 6650 sq meter piece of land in the middle of a thick forest in the capital city even got the NOC for construction of villas from civic Shimla Commissioner A.N. Sharma, that too, in a single day, which is almost impossible if one goes by the state land laws and other official formalities. Even the Forest Department is under radar for permitting construction of road on the grave of trees.

RTI activist Om Prakash had sought registration of police case claiming that signature of people were forged to receive approval for the construction of road under the excuse of maintenance of the road from Parsi Cemetery to Old Brewery. RTI activist had exposed that some of the forged signatures even included the names of dead people, in addition to many others, who never lived in that area.

In this case, what more anyone would require to confirm the fact that the government machinery was just used as a money making business by the government servants at every level of hierarchy. After all, a private real estate tycoon is involved in the deal, wealthy enough to pay enough to the government personals to bend the laws.

There is no doubt; Bemloe Builders will get away with it, in one-way or other. It has DLF as its back, which has Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi. Hope, you got it.

The public will, as usual, confine themselves just to reading the updates in newspapers, but the day media would receive something more sensational, this news would disappear completely. Moreover, the Inability to associate themselves with such controversies and corruption is inherent in Indian public, and the corruption is like an accepted social habit. Except a few people, majority is either not interested in agitating for such violations and scandals or perhaps, they don’t find any appropriate reason to interfere except their personal wars. The people here are so ignorant, that they don’t even realize they live in a heavenly place like Shimla, which is getting uglier with each and every day, because it’s citizens don’t care about maintaining it.

This is just a single scandal, similar violations in property dealing has been reported from many other parts of Himachal. Government is making it feasible to sell of agricultural land to outsiders, which is not in accordance with the section 118 of Himachal Pradesh Tenancy & Land Reforms Act. Then the land allotted to private universities amounts for huge environmental damages. Deforestation is an inevitable event in such a circumstances. The queen of Hills would present one of the most ugliest scene in Himachal.

That’s how democracy fails. The public itself isn’t interested in seeking answers for such violations from their elected government. People can never unite here, because they can’t see beyond party politics. Rather, people fight against each other when they should be together, united to challenge the government. These politicians should be thankful to such a dumb public, which has always helped the politicians to take their turn to exploit their authority.

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