President of Police Welfare Association HP suggests disrespect for rules & regulations


President of Police Welfare Association Himachal makes fun of ‘No Parking zone, parks the car right in front of the board, that too, on restricted road without displaying any permit, preaches violation of laws, rules & regulations

Shimla- If you remember, in February this year HW and Shimla police almost got into sort of brawl due to misunderstanding over an article exposing a Shimla policeman, who was found using the authority of his post in Police department for parking his personal vehicle on the restricted road and did not has the required permit. No wonder as misusing the authority of Govt. post and influence of any kind for personal convenience is a very common practice in India. However, HW reported it to Shimla Police after which a challan was issued to Sub-Inspector Shyam Tomar’. We thought, now the police and other departments must have received a message not to provoke common citizens to violate laws by literally demonstrating it themselves to all.

shimla-police hp-52-a-2775 photo-details

We felt disappointed when yesterday, one of the regular readers and members of HW, clicked the image shown above, and sent it to us. It shows a car parked on the restricted road near DC office, right in front of ‘No Parking Board, and with no permit displayed nowhere on the car.
However, as a replacement to permit, the personal did mention that the vehicle belonged to the “President of Police Welfare Association Himachal Pradesh”.

As a progress, this time ‘Police’ was mentioned on a sticker as compared to Sub-Inspector Shyam Tomar, who did it just with a piece of a simple paper.


May be, the owner had a permit, but it wasn’t displayed, but even then it entitles Mr. President to penalty. At least, for parking it in front of ‘No Parking’ board.

That’s not all, we found that, earlier too, this very personal was reported to have been using the same car without front number plate, and was issued a challan after HW reported it to Shimla police. Now, the same car was caught mocking at rules & regulations on a restricted road. What’s the point of entrusting responsibility to irresponsible people?


Dear police, it is not just about your department who violates these laws, there are many others, including the public, who does the same every day. However, police has a special role in protecting the laws and ensuring peace. Any place in India would be no less than a hell in the absence of your precious duties. Therefore, we think police should make sure that they do not demonstrate, in any way, to the public that the rules here are breachable. Any cop must keep it in mind that every time, he/she breaks a law using their position or influence, a common man would find it discriminating and suggestive that the laws don’t matter if you have influence.

Therefore, we would request Shimla Police to look into the matter, issue a challan to this vehicle if necessary, and brief every cop to display responsibility and respect towards the laws.

HW would also request to provide us information regarding other vehicles, which we had reported to Shimla Police a few days ago, as soon as possible.

A copy of the same complaint, along with images, has been submitted as a complaint to Shimla Police, and readers will be updated after we receive the reply from the concern authority

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