Forest Department and the MC Shimla playing the blame game on DLF Sama Tara Luxury Villa project

HW had submitted a complaint asking the Forest Department about their role in the DLF Sama Tara Luxury Villa Project, where thousand of Deodar trees were chopped down without any objection from the present government and opposition. HW had also published an article on the same issue that received a huge response from the readers, and even comments from the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor of the Shimla District. (Check the complete article, comments, images and videos)

Here is what we have received as a response to our complaint.

The Forest Department denied the responsibility and puts it on MC Shimla with the following directions:

Please go through the application and take appropriate action under the intimation to quarters concerned. Shimla Forest Circle (FOR), KEHAR SINGH THAKUR, Conservator Of Forests Jul 6 2012 1:18PM In Progress

The MC Shimla further forwarded the complaint to the DFO M.C Shimla saying:

The Demand has been forwarded vide Dy. No. 726/e-gov/12 dated 07-07-2012 to the DFO, M.C. Shimla for further necessary action in the matter.

What sounds more ridiculous is that Forest Department has forwarded the complaint to the MC Shimla, asking to take the responsibility. Well, on the same story published on the HW on 27/06/2012, the Deputy Mayor of Shimla, Tikkender Verma, had left a comment saying:

There is already a writ pending in the high court challenging the illegal construction. interestingly the forest department too is saving the the construction company.


While the Deputy Mayor blamed the Forest Department for supporting the builder and the government by assisting them, the Forest Department held the MC Shimla responsible. What we could make out of these responses is that either our government departments are not clear who is actually responsible or both of them are trying to confuse the public so that the matter could be complicated. Otherwise, why the MC Shimla, which blamed the Forest department earlier, has now accepted the reply from the Forest Department and forwarded it to the DFO MC Shimla?

Sanjay Chauhan, the present mayor of the Shimla district, commented on the same story with the following words:

This clearly reflects the nexus between politicians, officers and big business. Where even law of land could not work. This needs to be fought by people’s power. Unite and fight to break this nexus.

The project involves of huge real estate tycoons, DFL and Robert Vadhera, who is a partner with DFL and the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, the president of Indian National Congress. A few rich and powerful men make our government dance on their notes and the Indian politicians as well as the government departments sell their soul for the pieces of bribe thrown at them. The government and the representatives elected by the public have become aristocrats, dealing only with those who stands in the same class. The public is the last priority. Most of the policies are prepared only if that involves any interest of the huge private firms or political personalities. The 2G Scam, the CAG report on the scam of $33 billions in the allotment of the coal mines, and the loss of almost 8 crore to the government in recent parliamentary session speaks it all.


However, the public and the government, both should mind one thing that deforestation, which is rapidly taking place in our state, would destroy the beauty and the peace for which it’s famous. The nature does not distinguish between the rich and poor, the common and the VIPs, but the wrath of climate change would punish the whole humanity equally for the imbalance. The state government has already given green line to many projects involving the clearing of hundreds of trees.Even the public is contributing its part in the process.

Therefore, HW again requests to all the citizens and the government not to behave in an ignorant manner towards the environmental issues. Please put efforts to preserve the greenery and the beauty of our state instead of promoting deforestation. Just Writing ‘Save Trees’ on the billboards to promote the political parties won’t do, we need to implement it.

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