Ab Nahi Chalega!


Be it a minor remark or an action intolerable, it is high time and we will have to tell the society that, AB NAHI CHALEGA!

I met a friend of mine today and he sounded little annoyed. Later he told me that while he was coming in a bus from Tutikandi to Kusumpti, there was a middle aged man in the bus who was misbehaving with a young girl. She slapped him and deboarded the bus right away. My friend was surprised, as none of the passengers in the bus helped the girl. I asked my friend if he said anything, but he told me that he kept quiet because no one was speaking against that and he never wanted to be the hero there.

This incident took me to some years back, when I and my friend were travelling from Cart road to BCS. It was almost seven thirty in the evening and the bus was packed with passengers. Getting a seat was out of question, but we managed to hop in and secured a place for both of us to stand. Soon the bus started and there was a drunken guy who started looking at us and it was annoying as he was trying to get our attention by staring us and repeating what we were speaking. I kept ignoring till Himland. Then he started coming close to me and I don’t know what happened to me. I pushed him, then held his collar and almost slapped him. I shouted at him and yelled on him that I will take him to the police. He managed to escape and got down. I was really surprised because no one from the crowd stood for us. I asked the passengers why they kept their mouth shut. I even shouted on the conductor but they were all acting deaf and dumb. I felt terrible but could not do anything then.

Last summers, it was 8:00 AM, I and my friend were enjoying our morning walk with our dog. We reached the Panthaghati road and suddenly near the Tenzing Hospital, some boys in a car crossed us. They slowed the car near us gave us some cheap comments and one of them showed us his middle finger!! We were totally disturbed because we never expected this. We were not wearing revealing clothes, we were not walking on a lonely road, it was not dark, but the safety and security of women in Shimla was challenged. We felt disgusted and it was actually annoying. Thanks to SmartPhones, we Googled the phone number of the nearest police station and called the police. We told them that some guys in a sedan misbehaved with us, they have just crossed Panthaghati road and their car with black windows has no number plate. After that we straight away reached the Kusumpti police station and within thirty minutes the guys with that monster car were arrested. The boys started pleading in front of us. Some of them called us didi and tried to touch our feet and told us that they were sorry. It was for the first time I realized that men are so weak. They find it thrilling to pass comments or molest, but when it comes to getting caught, they fear.

Recently, after the Delhi Rape case and the Rape of the little girl which surfaced everywhere on the internet and TV news channels. I noticed that everyone on my timeline was updating their status message full of rage on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. Men and Women all across our country and even abroad were showing their disgust and anger towards rapes. I just want to ask my dear men that how many of you actually respect women? For women I have one small question, how many of you stand against eve teasing, molesting and cheap comments? How many of you have stopped and stood against such minor crimes?

Be it a big city or a small town, there are several such incidents which we ignore every day. In the name of eve teasing, molesting, sexist comments, road side Romeos singing songs, stalking, winking, and many such things we have kept quiet and this encourages the perverts. I don’t understand why we ignore. No one has a right to make us feel disgusted or ashamed of being a female. Be it a minor remark or an action intolerable, it is high time and we will have to tell the society that, AB NAHI CHALEGA!

Start speaking for yourself dear ladies and men out there please learn the art of RESPECTING us because now onwards there will be zero tolerance towards disrespectable words, eyes and gestures.

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