All he wanted was a Bicycle


There are things in life you would long forever; small and big, materialistic and living. While we humans have no stability of thoughts, needs and desires, this fact defies the rule completely. Which was the toy you always wanted and your parents won’t buy it for you, not even on your birthday? I am no exception and I wanted something too.

A short and lean lad in a crew cut, oversized clothes and even bigger shoes comes out of his house. He finishes his homework or sometimes just escapes playing cons at home. Every day he would go down to the playfield with a hope to play with others of his age. Always underestimated, the boy would always be the last one to be taken in a team and sometimes when the sum goes odd he would just have to relieve himself. Even if he played he would just play a passive, as wished by other teammates. He would always think if there was something he could do all alone. The boy never felt a thing for he was so small to admit the truth. He always knew what was going around but was positive that something big and good was going to happen to him.

Absent minded that boy did fine at school, daydreaming was his staple entertainment. Loaded with vivid imagination and a sheer longing for social acceptance he grew slower than his inmates. His father, a good sportsman won’t accept the fact that his boy won’t do well in sports. At least he did well at school.

Now, there always are things which would make your world go round. The boy saw a kid riding a bicycle with his brother. It looked like the elder one was trying to teach the younger one to ride. A refreshed quest and the boy took a detective role. He would just spot them brothers around and see them ride, both of them together, till the younger one broke free. A spark was lead from spine to his brain. “Who would need others if I could just ride my bike every day?” he thought. A request was made in the family for a bicycle. Attempt number 1: Fail. The boy was patient and thought “Ah my birthday comes in a few months, probably then”. Attempt number 2: Fail again, followed by several failed birthdays.

These things certainly slow you down but don’t stop you from growing and the boy did too. He took up a job and was living a partially normal life. He completely forgot about his previous cravings and had other aspirations/dreams now, bigger or smaller, does not matter. Now a classic example of real life Déjà vu, again some friend buys an imported bicycle. This was enough of a trigger for nostalgia as he closed his eyes to leave a liquid trail. Years have passed; things have changed: responsibilities and the fear of aging. Many spots in his goal catalogue have been progressively taken over by bigger things minus this small and innocent one. For all he wanted was a Bicycle.

By Rohit Singh, a HW Reader & Member

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