Social Media a part of free speech in US, a threat for Indian Government


This is what US replied to India’s request for assistance in serving summons to 11 US-based websites, including Facebook and Google, accused of promoting class enmity and undermining national integrity.

“Pursuant to the treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in criminal matters between the United States and India (the Treaty), we regret to inform you that we will not be able to execute this request for assistance, as the request implicates free speech principles that are protected by the US Constitution and are considered essential interests,”- ( IBN-CNN)

US considers social media a part of freedom of speech, while Indian Government accuses sites like Facebook and Google of promoting class enmity and undermining national integrity. Internet is accused of providing access to porn and unwanted content, catalyzing rate of heinous crimes like rape, and, of course, it makes a perfect excuse to censor Internet and social media.


That’s not the actual reason why governments are afraid of social media. Actually, social media or say Internet lets people, who are geographically far from each other, connect and share the information. People can virtually gather at a spot from anywhere, anytime. Then, Internet is a perfect platform for two way communication e.g. comments and replies on the information uploaded on a websites like Facebook. One can relate it to the construction of railway lines by British for their benefit, which accidently, gave a fantastic opportunity for the revolutionaries and freedom fighters to get connected with rest of the pre-independent India.

Government is facing hard time duet to such a connectivity of people, who are dumb alone, but it becomes a critical issue when many brains gather at a place. People upload information and media without any monetary benefit, unlike the present mainstream Indian media. This means we discuss news, facts, issues which come from the public, not the media. This is now threatening the credibility of mainstream media and the corrupt government, and the government like ours, is trying to nip it from the buds.

Article Contribution: Neha Sood, Shimla

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