sanjay dutt pardon debate

India reacts over ‘Pardoning’ Sanjay Dutt, what’s your opinion?

sanjay dutt pardon debate

The verdict of Indian Supreme Court on 1993 Mumbai blasts relieved the victims, but five years sentence to Sanjay Dutt shocked Bollywood and his fans. The southern film fraternity has come out in support of Sanjay Dutt, his fans worldwide signing petition to 'Free Munnabhai', and media is earning a great lot of revenue exploiting the emotional and factual aspects of the issue. Newspapers and channels are now briefing the public about what Sanjay Dutt would be doing inside jail like, he would work six days a week and would earn 25- 40 rupees a day.

However, not all hearts bleed for Sanjay Dutt. There are many influential people who are against freeing him on the base of various arguments. Here are some of the comments by two groups (against and in favor of pardoning Dutt)

“Sanjay Dutt should undergo punishment” says Anna Hazare

  • “Granting Sanjay Dutt remission will set bad precedent” says BJP leader Gopinath Munde
  • “It wasn’t a foolish mistake. Dutt has been in touch with the underworld all along,” says a Police
  • “Why pardon just Sanjay Dutt?” says daughter of Mumbai blasts convict
  • “Sanjay Dutt got away lightly” says RSS
  • “Sanjay Dutt should be pardoned on humanitarian grounds” says Justice Katju
  • “Pardon Sanjay Dutt, at 33, ‘was young” says Cong leader Digvijaya Singh
  • “I appeal to the courts to allow me to go to prison instead of him” says Rakhi Sawant
  • “Pardon Sanjay Dutt, at 33, ‘was young” says Cong leader Digvijaya Singh
  • “Sanjay Dutt deserves our compassion” says Malayalam superstar Mohanlal
  • “I am very disturbed to hear Sanjay Dutt`s verdict” says Rajinikanth

Pardoning Sanjay Dutt would create an example, which could either highlight the bright side of our Judiciary by not punishing a person who has already reformed in a period of 20 years, the time Judiciary took for the final verdict, or it could be justified on the fact that law is same for all. You must be having some thoughts regarding the issue, if so, please do share them with rest of us.

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