New ISBT Shimla turning into hot spot for death racers


Shimla- Local drivers in Shimla find immense pleasure in defying traffic rules to prove their worth, and over-speeding when speed limit is very low, is one of them. Spend a day at new ISBT at Tutikandi in Shimla, and we bet you won’t find even a single driver that pays attention to the speed limit painted on 13 pillars on both sides, and more than that, none of them even care that the place is almost always crowded, for it’s the new ISBT. These people have neither any sense of ethics nor even a pinch of respect for the traffic laws.


New ISBT is on the Shimla bypass and heavy vehicle including buses, especially,trucks run on the road throughout day & night. Therefore, the speed limit become an issue more of ethics then laws. However, truck drivers and Government vehicles find this straight patch a perfect chance to overtake with ignorance at it’s best.

The wideness and smoothness of the road send learners into a fit of acceleration, and for young bikers, it transforms into a real film set of ‘Fast and Furious’ when they spot girls standing among the crowd waiting for buses on any side of the road.


Government drivers are the most pathetic; they can hit any speed to overtake, 60 – 100 km/h is normal. Driving a car with red beacon, with or without an officer, is a privilege for the drivers. We wonder why the high-rank officer never interfere as it a privilege for them as well. Then comes the heavy vehicles like trucks and buses over–speeding .


A few extraordinary people even find it cool to drive in the wrong lane here.

After viewing these pictures, tell us if you don’t agree to the fact that this place needs presence of traffic police to check these idiots, before any irreversible loss occur in a mishap.

Don’t be so dumb. Have some vision to calculate the probability of danger in such spots. Earlier, HW had asked Shimla Police to deploy a traffic cop at MLA crossing, another crowded spot vulnerable to accidents. Unfortunately, our complaint did not appeal to the department. May be, they’ ll need some sort of sacrifice at the spot before considering our complaint.

HW is again writing regarding the need of a cop at these two points,and forwarding this article and images to Shimla Traffic Police, who has been doing wonderful recently, we hope, it’ll appeal to the department.

To dear readers and drivers; if it’s too tough for you to respect rules & regulations, then at least have some respect for the lives of people. If that doesn’t work, then try to recall recent fatal road accidents you might have gone through in a newspaper or while surfing through your FB wall, and all that irreversible damage just because someone ignored the instructions. All that matters for us is the safe distance, where you read unfortunate events and heinous crimes only to find pleasure in the pain woven into the story of victims and culprits.

Why is it this much hard for us to understand the purpose of instructions, traffic rules. Where the hell we buried our moral duties? The sign boards saying, ‘School Ahead, Drive Slow, hardly means anything, and it rarely appeal to any driver to understand the vulnerability of damage at that spot.

Why the government needs to put these signboards to instruct you, why we got big speed-breakers, and why we need multiple cops to push us? It’s just that we are dumb, selfish, and insensitive beings like Zombies, who always need force of laws to make them behave. Stop this non-sense and promote respect and execution of
traffic instruction. They are for the safety of all of us.


If you wonder what defying traffic laws can cost, then Nagwain bus accident had demonstrated the fatal consequences more than adequately. Over 40 people died in a bus crash on a road wide enough to accommodate four lanes, the driver was using his cellphone while driving, the bus was overloaded, he was over-speeding and he did not have the required license to drive a heavy vehicle. Every law was put on stake here. This lesson came at a great cost; lives of more than 40 people. Do not forget it.

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