Cruelty towards trees, a punishable offence in Himachal Pradesh: High court order


Be it a minor metal stabbing or encircling with wires and cables, torture towards trees in Himachal Pradesh is a punishable offence now onwards.

Finally! After series of articles and campaigns in favor of the poor trees of Shimla, the High Court has announced that cruelty against trees of any sort will not be tolerable. Now onwards you cannot wire up the trees with advertisements or encircle the cable TV wires and kill the beautiful trees. Himachal Watcher has always taken an initiative to preserve the natural blessings of Mother Nature and through our series of articles, we have tried to aware the society regarding this brutal torture against trees.


Himachal Watcher also contacted Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Nagar Nigam, Mayor and Deputy Mayor regarding this serious issue. The sensitization of society towards trees is really important and we are happy that finally there is a rule to stop this cruelty.


PS:Please Check Images below for better view

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