Soreo, The Owl and some unwise men


Soreo He was a lonely little fellow who had amazing magical powers with him and so he just thought of creating something. He created a box which was not an ordinary box for sure. He named the box as ‘Soreo’s box’. So what was actually the box all about? Well, it could bring to life all that Soreo imagined in his wildest of dreams. He could actually peep into the box and see his dreams transforming to reality. Before the minimal Soreo caught up with the idea of the box he was unaware about the beauty of his thoughts. There he saw gardens whispering to each other with scents that were preserved since ancient times. And it was there he saw wonderful creatures play with each other as if they were born out of a single womb.

One day just after Soreo ate the nicest meal of his life, he thought of travelling to the other part of the world. So he packed a few of his belongings and turned his smiling face to see the place he had lived his entire life. He was once told by the monk who raised him that he would have to live at this place and keep faith that he will be joyous one day. But maybe, Soreo has other thoughts in this facet of his life. He looked back again and with smiling eyes and a youthful face bid farewell to all he had known.

While on another side of world lived a happy owl who never thought of going anywhere but to the branches of tree it has known. He was a wise owl but his vices could not circulate as those who had choices chose to remain unwise. The owl had faith that someday he will have a worthy companion.

The day was ending with the finest of sunsets ever and Soreo halted after stepping into the boundaries of this another world. With all his heart he glanced to the last signs of trail he actually has followed. He knocked the little box and peeped into it. There he saw colorful creatures soaring in the skies with elegance and compassion. He felt better and lay down beside the tree. The owl was observing Soreo from the time he sat under the tree which has been his home since ages. After so many years, for once it came down to the lovely meadows and wiped the sweat drenched face of Soreo with his feathers. Soreo opened his eyes and was astonished to see something that was not box-ed. But after a while they both came to know that none of them possessed knowledge of a common language with which they could have conversed.

The two new friends started to live under the tree and learnt to know about feelings through actions of each other. Soon the owl learnt to utilize the magical little box like Soreo used it. Both of them felt happy till the day the unwise men came and demanded Soreo’s for his magical box. Soreo fought with them but could not do much to save his dearest possession. His only friend kept flying around him to give him some hope but Soreo knew that things are not going to be the way they were before. That day he sat under the tree and with all the last of his powers converted himself into a stone. The owl was struck with agony and soon died over the shoulders of his dear friend. The golden feathers of the owl were diluted by the wind and covered the stone-personified Soreo.

Meanwhile, the unwise people wondered why they were not able to see anything inside the box; so they decided to go back and find Soreo. When they arrived near to the tree they were surprised to see a magical golden figure sitting over there. Since that day those unwise people worship that statue as their Savior, their God; but still that makes them unwise because Soreo is out there somewhere imagining things his own way.

What about the owl? Well, it has learnt to remain there in most golden part of the versatile horizon one could ever confront.

By Harshendra Mehta, a HW Reader & Member

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