TEDxCartRoad Shimla: Yes! It is happening in town


If you are wondering what exactly TEDxCartRoad Shimla is, let me give you a brief introduction about TED and TEDx. It was 1984, when TED was started in California as a conference. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and it is nonprofit organization with a tagline: “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Later, an extension of TED, TEDx which is an independently organized TED event, came up. TEDx is a globally recognized event in which there are some speakers who give their talks related to their ideas, which are worth sharing with the audience with in a time span of 18 minutes or less. TEDx is a self-organized event which follows the guidelines of TED. The good bit is that it is happening in our own town this July.

In a small meeting, I got to know the Director of TEDxCartRoad Shimla, Arvin Panwar and he gave a brief insight to the much awaited event. He said that through TEDxCartRoad, the unheard heroes of Himachal Pradesh, who have excelled in their work will give their inspiring talks to the audience. Their journey can motivate people not only in Shimla but on a global level. According to Arvin Panwar, the theme of the event is “Excel” and through the success stories of the speakers of the event, TEDxCartRoad intends to inspire the audience.

Although, there was not much info provided about the speakers, but Arvin confirmed three finalized speakers who are; Raaja Bhasin, Shushil Tanwar and Rahul Nainwal.

All those who know about TED Conferences or have an idea about TEDx must have watched the TED and TEDx videos. Here’s one of my favorite TEDx Video, and it is quiet popular one. Do check out Pranav Mistry’s Talk inspired with his idea- The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology:

Some of the popular speakers of the TED Conference include, Roger Ebert, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates, Elizabeth Gilbert, Benoit Mandelbrot, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Brian Greene, Isabel Allende and former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

There are three major annual TED events which are organized in Vancouver, Canada. There is one TEDActive event which is held in Whistler, BC and in Edinburgh, Scotland, the TEDGlobal Conference takes place. More than 5000 TEDx events are organized all across the globe, each year, where the selected speakers give their talks which are captured and turned into TED talk videos.

Well, I am eagerly waiting for TEDxCartRoad Shimla to happen, if you too are interested to know more about it, stay connected here. There’s lot more, related to TEDxCartRoad Shimla, in my kitty!

Scroll down to check another TEDx Talk which is by Chimamanda Adichie on The danger of a single story:

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