How to impress audience with a captivating TEDx talk


I am sure by now, TED, TEDx and TEDxCartRoad Shimla are no longer alien terms for you. As you all know that TEDx is an independent community which is ready for its first TEDx Talk in our own town Shimla, this July. We all are eagerly waiting to experience the first ever TEDx audience bliss in Shimla. While we are waiting for the big day, our speakers are preparing for the best of their motivational and inspiring talks. Recently, I read some interviews of the TEDx speakers and from their experiences, I got these snappy tips for our speakers on how they can rock with their “Idea Worth Spreading”.

Short, Crisp and Well-Tailored TEDx Talk:

Since time is less and ideas are many, so it is very important to make an impression with a short, crisp and effective speech. It might be a time consuming task to compress and infuse the impressive content in order to leave a captivating impact on the audience.

Preparing the speech: A great learning experience

Make it a great learning experience while you prepare the TEDx talk speech. Delivering a speech live in front of camera and the audience might not be a novice experience for you, but focusing on clear ideas, compelling elocution and crisp content is really important. Speaking the right words within the time slot provided is very important. So, make it the best with practice, coaching and don’t take it personally if your coach rectifies you.

Let the magic go on the stage:

Once you reach the stage, make a connection with your audience. Engage them with the magic speech and do not worry, even if you go off the script because the practice you have done will surely let you get going.

Here’s one of my favorite talks from TEDx. Do check it out after reading the article:

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