DC Shimla At least Give us Some Reason

Image Copyright:HW/Inder

Day before yesterday, I went to the DC office with my team regarding a permission to conduct the first ever Flash Mob in town which is actually a two minutes “Freeze Mob” in front of Town Hall, Shimla. Sadly, he refused us by saying a “NO”. For my readers who have never heard about a “Freeze Mob”, let me give you a small introduction about a Freeze Mob. A Freeze Mob is a gathering of people in public (mob) who freeze (remain completely motionless) during a normal everyday situation. Let me tell you why we were planning a Freeze Mob in our own town Shimla. It was because we wanted to break the everyday mundane atmosphere of Shimla in order to promote creativity and doing, plus to generate awareness related to an upcoming event.

When I asked the Deputy Commissioner Shimla, that why is he not granting us permission, he said, “Nothing-Nothing! No discussion on this. No Flash Mob on Ridge or Mall.” Although he was quiet polite but the unanswered question, why no Flash Mob on Mall Road or Ridge made me write this article.

I want to ask our DC, why he grants permission for film shoots, ad film shoots, why no one stops the Candle Marches, agitations, I even came across a picture of the victory rally of our Mayor which was conducted in front of the town hall. If DC doesn’t allows people standing in front of the Town Hall, just for two minutes, without speaking, motionless, then why nothing happened after the FIR was registered under Section 115(2) of Himachal Pradesh Police Act and 188 of IPC against CPI workers who attended the victory rally of the Mayor?


The entire Mall Road Shimla is full of Street Dogs and the administration is least concerned about that. The fur buddies take birth there and spend their entire life sleeping in front of the Town Hall and Gaiety Theater Shimla. No doubts there is a shelter made for street animals but we all know it’s condition and if you are unaware of it, please read this article. Why is DC Shimla not concerned about that?


It was our modesty that we went to take DC Shimla’s permission and he turned us down. I want answers from him. Why the authorities discourage youth when we show enthusiasm? Or they are just encouraging us to visit the political parties so that we can push some political pressure? I am against using the political approach and I totally discourage such practices. I am completely dissatisfied with what happened yesterday, so I would like our DC Shimla to give me the answers.

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