Did you see that “Freeze Mob” on the Mall today?

Shivee Sirmauri-shimla

Yes, I am talking about the same dashing mob on the Mall Road of Shimla and if you missed it, here’s a quick update. It was a regular Saturday evening and as usual the Mall Road was deluged with tourists and locals. There were people walking on the Mall Road in front of the Town Hall and suddenly a tall handsome guy in Red T-Shirt and a guitar on his back, whistled at 5:30 PM and more than 100 chics and dudes froze. Yes, I mean it! Amazingly interesting, some of them were glued to their cell phones, there was a cyclist with his bicycle, a girl who was writing something on her note book, one of the girls was posing with her pretty umbrella and she was looking quiet sweet. Some music buffs came with their headsets on and then there were two cool dudes one was aiming at the other with a gun and the second one was cutely frozen with his hand on heart, best was a cute little infant some five month’s old with her Daddie in red pullover. The youngest chic of the Freeze Mob totally stole my heart.


Well this is the description of what happened, if you saw that I am sure you know how enthralling it was, if you missed it, do scroll down after reading the article and check out the video. The Flash Mobs are conducted to create some awareness and I am sure there is a purpose behind this one too. By the way the latest buzz in the town is for

TEDxCartRoad Shimla

Event which is scheduled for this month, may be it has something to do with the X! May be it was done to create a buzz in town that, X is here, be ready for a change! Well, I will not reveal what’s in my kitty for now.

The Flash Mob was definitely a successful one and it grabbed the maximum attention for sure. I am really happy for the first ever Flash Mob in town and congratulations to the team of organizers from my side. It is not an easy task to make something like this happen in our town, but you guys did it. Keep doing such happening stuff!

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