TEDxCartRoad_Rahul Nainwal and Raaja Bhasin

One-on-One with the Two Men I’ve been stalking lately!

TEDxCartRoad_Rahul Nainwal and Raaja Bhasin 1

P.S. No obsession, romantic inclination, or rivalry. I am stalking two men from Shimla these days because they are among the speakers of the TEDxCartRoad and I am trying to know more about them because both of them are interesting, inspiring and amazing. Yes, I am talking about author, journalist, curator and lecturer, Raaja Bhasin and Co-Founder iVolunteer and a TED fellow, Rahul Nainwal. Both Raaja and Rahul have their connections with our own town Shimla and since both of them are TEDxCartRoad speakers and amazingly inspiring men, I am really curious to know more about them. A day before yesterday, I got a chance to meet both of them, but as usual I was very late for the meeting and missed most of what they both said. So, here’s a summary of what TEDxCartRoad team told me about the One-on-One session with the two men I’ve been stalking lately!

Our very active TEDxer, Himanshu Sud found the conversation with both Rahul and Raaja Ji amazing and according to him both the speakers are fluent orators. Raaja Ji is a professional story teller and Rahul has a great story of what he has achieved.

TEDxCartRoad_Rahul Nainwal and Raaja Bhasin 2

Supriya Chaudhary left before I came, but she got a chance to interact with Rahul. As she told me, she found Rahul’s story inspiring and it was like an eye opener. I so much missed the way Rahul must have said, “As to what one can achieve when a person has that “awakening” call to do something from within, and is determined to achieve his/her goal, and once you take an initiative there are always people ready to help you.”

TEDxCartRoad_Rahul Nainwal and Raaja Bhasin

My old friend, TEDxer, blogger and twitter champion from Shimla, Neo BluePanther also found Rahul’s story inspiring and he was sure that it will be the main takeaway, for everyone. Rahul’s story was that there is a time for analysis, and then there is a time for action. You can analyse all you want, but until you act nothing really changes. For him, another takeaway was that you have to do things in order to make them easy. Everything is difficult the first time, but the second time it is definitely not that hard.

TEDxCartRoad Shimla Team

Well, I am really looking forward to meet the speakers once again and my stalking is still on. By now I have gathered quiet a lot of info about both of them and they totally captivate my attention. Special thanks to Samir for the pictures!

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